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FarmHannong and Aldiz providing a new solution to Filipino farmers suffering from resistant weeds via Pyanchor Ultraqrcode

Jun. 28, 2018

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Jun. 28, 2018

Farm Hannong
SouthKorea  SouthKorea

Aldiz Incorporated
Philippines  Philippines

A rice herbicide, Pyanchor®Ultra of Pyribenzoxim premix 8.5% EC has been expanding its sales and its own market share in the rice herbicide market of the Philippines since the launching in the year 2016 coming after registration of the previous year. One of the main reasons of the successful launching is the good herbicidal efficacy against severe resistant weeds that have been expanding in paddy rice, especially Leptochloa spp. & Ludwigia Octovalvis, in the Philippines.

Unit shipment of Pyanchor Ultra rose during first five straight months this year compared to the previous year, and is also estimated that yearly sales will most likely surpass than previous year record, according to its importer, Aldiz Incorporated. Pyanchor Ultra could be named as a new significant entrant to the paddy herbicide stage in terms of its volumes and rate of growth.

What is happening beyond this successful launching of this product in Philippines?

“We have been cooperating closely with FarmHannong, the top rank corporation in the Korean crop protection industry and a LG affiliated company, for over two decades,” emphasized Aldiz Incorporated president, Mr. Francisco S. Dizon III. The conviction and emphasis on the high standards of product quality together with the long-term relationship has assisted them to develop aggressive marketing campaigns since kicking off its sales.

Indeed, Aldiz Incorporated promotions were quite remarkable while it launched across the three major islands of the of Philippines.

1) Demo trials over the nation

First, the demonstration trials were spread extensively on a national scale. It numbered to a total of 3,850 sites at nationwide. Its performance has attracted farmers to adopt the new herbicide, especially in controlling the resistant weeds using a single spray to allow them not only to reduce labor cost, but also to increase rice production efficiency.

2) Key Influencers and management in the community

Second, close communication with BLOs, Big Land Owners holding over 3 hectares, and spot demonstration marketing to cooperator farmers will make it work with a greater rate of success. In the rural areas in the Philippines, BLOs have the influencing power to neighboring farmers and this may be the key to expansion above anything else. Herbicidal efficacy of Pyanchor Ultra via the demo trials at BLO paddies is spread throughout local communities.

“We look forward to develop and expand the Filipino rice market sustainably by providing not only crop protection but also fertilizers like CRF, Controlled Released Fertilizer, with Aldiz.,” anticipated vice president, Mr. Jeff Kwon, at the global business department of FarmHannong.

Source: FarmHannong


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