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18 hot topics | Agenda of 2018 China Pesticide Exporting Workshop released !qrcode

May. 31, 2018

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May. 31, 2018
AgroPages is holding 2018 China Pesticide Exporting Workshop (2018 CPEW) in Hangzhou, China this July. 
Now the latest agenda of the workshop has been annouced. If you are an importer, formulation manufacturer, or distributor, we invite you to join 2018 CPEW.

Section 1: The latest situation regarding Chinese agrochemical industry

1: Analysis of 2017/2018 China's pesticide import and export data and the overall trading situation

Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture, China

2: The impact of China's environmental protection policies and environmental taxes on the agrochemical industry

Ministry of Ecology and Evironment, China

3: The price and supply trends of China’s pesticide

Li Mingguang, Deputy General Manager, Sino-Agri Leading Biosciences Co,.Ltd.


Section 2: Procurement strategies to secure a stable supply

1: ADAMA’s procurement strategy in China

Wang Guofei, ADAMA

2: The complexity of managing different markets

Nick Read, Executive manager, Helm

3: UPL’s procurement strategy in China

Ravikiran R. Chaudhari, Head of China purchasing, UPL

4: The global strategic procurement of Nufarm

David Bury, Global Strategic Procurement Manager, Nufarm

Section 3: Market demands from different terminal markets

1: Reimagining the Brazilian Agriculture

Luciano Galera, Head of marketing and R&D, Ourofino

2: Opportunities and Challenges of Entering the Agrochemical Market in the Caribbean

Joseph Anthony Pires, General Manager, Caribbean Chemicals & Agencies

3: Sharing of Indonesia Market Development Experience

David Manurung, National commercial manager, Rotam Indonesia

4: How to successfully market new products developed by Japenese Company in EU

Jean-Guillaume Delpierre, Head of 3rd Party Certis Europe/ Head of Off Patent Business Mitsui, Certis Europe

5: Introduction of India's agrochemical market and the opportunity of cooperation with the Chinese industry

C S Liew, General manager, Pacific Agriscience


Section 4: How to increase efficiency in product registration and market access

1: Evolution of Agricultural R&D trends in last and next 15 Years

Dr. KhosroKhodayari, President and CEO, SynTech Research

2:Practices analysis in EU's pesticide registration

He Xiaohua, General manager of China,Dr. Knoell Consult

3: Exporting pesticide products to the EU: how to get authorization

Adrian Tucker, Managing Scientist, Exponent International

4: Agrifor Scientific helping Chinese Agricultural companies to reach the world

Jana Skopec, CEO, AgriFor Scientific

5: Discussion on EU Technical Equivalence Assessment

Wu Kang, Senior consultant, SinoUnison Technology

6:From Brazil to the World: Data System and Registration Coordination in the Planning of Core Product Registration in Brazi

Kathy Zhu, Bioagri

Part of the participants

ADAMA, Hilier, Lier Chemical, Udragon, Limin, Kesheng, Wynca, Luba, Veyong, etc.

Helm, Certis Europe, Dr. Knoell Consult, Exponent International, Himagromarketing, etc.

North and South America:
Ourofino, Caribbean Chemicals & Agencies, SynTech Research, Bioagri, Agricola National S.A.C, etc.

Southeast Asia:
UPL, Rotam Indonesia, Pacific Agriscience, Dhanuka, Asiatic Agricultural Industries, ICP Ladda, etc.

Australia: Nufarm

2018 CPEW is now open for your advance appointment with the participants. Click HERE to make an appointment.

Source: AgroNews


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