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Nufarm introduces herbicide Kraken in Brazilqrcode

May. 31, 2018

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May. 31, 2018
By Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages
Available now in Brazil, herbicide Kraken 240 EC (Clethodim) has been recommended for the management of narrow-leaf weeds in 14 crops. For soybean, according to maker Nufarm, the product is recommended due to its effective action in the control of sourgrass (Digitaria Insularis). 
According to Nufarm, Kraken 240 EC is a graminicidal action and systemic herbicide that is highly selective. It is composed of the active ingredient Clethodim with 240 grams per liter of concentration. 
“With the introduction of Kraken 240 EC, the Nufarm portfolio for Digitaria Insularis has become one of the most competitive in the market. It is a line formed with cutting-edge technologies, developed with the goal of transferring a cost-benefit relationship favorable to the Brazilian producer,” highlighted agronomist Mario Drehmer, who is a herbicide manager of the Australian company. 
He stressed that sourgrass was highly aggressive and available all year round due to Brazil’s climate conditions. “With the recent discovery of resistant weeds to herbicide glyphosate, the problems involving sourgrass aggravated as its control is fundamental for soybean yields,” explained Drehmer. 
Drehmer emphasized that the new herbicide also showed during tests and in the field its superior performance in ryegrass management during the pre-planting of corn and wheat. Nufarm also registered the product for cotton, garlic, potatoes, coffee, onions, carrots, kidney beans, tobacco, manioc, watermelons and tomatoes. 
The marketing executive-director of the Australian company, agronomist Fernando Manzeppi, added, “Kraken 240 EC marks the fourth launch of the company in the year. New and important technologies with the new brand are forecast to arrive in the market by the end of 2018.”
Source: AgroNews


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