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Govt against excessive use of chemical pesticidesqrcode

Jan. 18, 2008

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Jan. 18, 2008

Government on Tuesday asked farmers to shift to bio-pesticides saying that excessive use of chemical pesticides adversely impacts the environment, health and crops.

Inaugurating the first global conference on Agrochemicals Protecting Crop, Health and Natural Environment here, Minister of State for Agriculture Kanti Lal Bhuria advocated application of bio-pesticides along with traditional methods for controlling the pests in crop and keeping the environment clean.

"Even though we have to use modern agrochemicals in limited quantity, which may be out of compulsion, we should not negate the conventional methods," he added.

The country became self sufficient in food production due to use of pesticides along with improved seeds, irrigation, farm implements and chemical fertilisers, Bhuria noted.

"As a result, our farmers not only became dependent on chemical pesticides, but also started using them in excess quantities," the minister said while stressing on less dependence on chemical pesticides.

The representatives of agrochemicals industry, however, said that the use of pesticides in the country was still at a very low level compared to countries like Japan.

Earlier, speaking at the conference, Indian Agricultural Research Institute Director S A Patil said agrochemicals played a pivotal role in increasing the production and productivity of the Indian agriculture.

Patil, however, pointed out that "the cost of chemicals has gone so high that farmers cannot afford," and asked the industry "whether it is possible to reduce the cost". He said the lower cost of agrochemicals would save the farmers from suicide, which is taking place in the country.

Patil said the use of pesticides is more in fruits and vegetables compared to other crops.

Source: India Times


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