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Van Iperen International: Combining Nutrition and Biostimulants is the Futureqrcode

−− Interview with Erik van den Bergh, Managing Director of Van Iperen International

Mar. 23, 2018

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Mar. 23, 2018
Van Iperen International is the leading producer of Specialty Fertilizer solutions for fertigation and foliar application. In recent years, the Company has made rapid progress, especially in overseas expansion. AgroPages recently interviewed Erik van den Bergh, Managing Director of Van Iperen International, to talk about Iperen IPE® Technology and company development.

Could you please introduce Iperen IPE® Technology? What are the advantages when using the technology and how can it benefit growers?
Erik: Efficient Phosphate management is of extreme importance for an optimal root and bud development and eventually a good harvest. Only a small percentage of the total Phosphate in the soil is available to the plants the rest is unavailable, bound to the soil particles or precipitated in the soil solution. This is where Iperen IPE® Technology helps the farmer to Increase Phosphate Efficiency. Iperen IPE® Technology overcomes fixation of phosphates and helps to release the phosphates that are bound to the soil particles resulting in a better Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE). A similar effect on trace elements is experienced. Science no magic. The effect of the Iperen IPE® Technology is proven by an extensive range of scientific trials with different soil and climatic conditions. The technology was tested for example in corn, lettuce, carnation, tomatoes, onion, green beans and soya. In most of these trials, the total applied mineral Phosphate was reduced by up to 30% compared with the farmers' practice. It demonstrated an increased NUE. By now, many Growers around the world have experienced the effects. 
More info about Iperen IPE® Technology
Iperen IPE® Technology is available in WS NPK formulations and liquid formulation for open field fertigation with single straight fertilizers. 

I noticed that Van Iperen also has some mineral nutrition and biostimulant combination products. As a Specialty Fertilizers producer, how/what do you think about the market prospect of biostimulants? And does Iperen have any plan to expand the market position in the biostimulant industry?
Erik: At Van Iperen International we are convinced that combining Nutrition and Biostimulation is the future. We use our expertise in Nutrition, we benefit from the knowledge of our local agronomists who are in the field on daily basis, and we invest in R&D. Biostimulation is not only the future, we already offer these products today. Our FoliaStim® range and Iperen WAKE-up Liquid are two great examples of our vision: “Van Iperen International, Where Nutrition meets Biostimulation”. 
Van Iperen International is a worldwide player, in last month, Iperen opened Van Iperen America. Therefore, could you please share your company’ overseas development status and development planning?
Erik: Van Iperen International is part of the Thesis Group, a family owned business with about 100 years of experience in supplying Dutch growers. We operate worldwide with our headquarters and factories in The Netherlands and subsidiaries in France, Serbia, China, Lebanon and our newly opened office in Miami USA. Van Iperen International is a worldwide player, but not a multinational. We work together with local partners and operate close to our clients in about 100 countries. We have our feet on the ground in many countries all over the world with local agronomists and regional offices. Altogether we speak 20 languages, which allows us to communicate closely with our customers.

In the next 3-5 years we expect to double our turnover by introducing many new innovative products from our factories in The Netherlands as well as with our marketing platform we represent other manufacturers that have interesting novelties.
Van Iperen China company is opened in 2015. After several years of development, what achievements have been made?And how/what do you think about the Chinese specialty fertilizer market?
Erik: When we started in China 3 years ago, nobody had heard of us. But a lot has changed since then. Today the Van Iperen brand is well known in the Chinese agricultural market. We have established tight and friendly business relationships with many companies all over China. This is thanks to our dedicated local team of our joint venture Van Iperen China, based in Hainan. We have built a strong team of 20 employees and continue to grow. Like anywhere else in the world, the demand of Specialty Fertilizers in China is increasing for sure. Thanks to the development of Van Iperen China and our R&D programs based on combining Nutrition and Biostimulation, we will continue to grow and supply the Chinese market with innovative products to address the need for quality food.
For more information please go to www.vaniperen.com

If you plan to develop China's biopesticide and biostimulant market, 2018 China - Overseas Biopesticide and Biostimulant Business Exchange Congresswill be your great choice.
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