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Biopreparaty confirmed to make a presentation in the CBBC 2018qrcode

Feb. 27, 2018

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Feb. 27, 2018
Biopreparaty confirmed to attend the  2018 China-Overseas Biopesticide & Biostimulant Business Exchange Congress and make a presentation regarding using biological fungicide (biocide) in the agriculture, pest control/plant protection.
Biopreparaty Ltd. is a Czech company founded in year 1997. Its core business is based on research, development and production of microbiological products. The products are based on the specific properties of the microorganism Pythium oligandrum, which is able to suppress pathogenic fungi, those that reduce the quality of life and may negatively affect the human and animal health. Pythium oligandrum strain M1 is included in the European Union list of approved active substances (Case Number R4BP: BC-VW022757-96). The company holds many patents in the Czech Republic and overseas(for example US).
As we know, China is a large agricultural country, also one of the biggest agri-product demanded countries. With the overuse of chemical pesticides and fertilizers in recent years, the harm to environment and human health receive more and more attention. Therefore, China has announced in 2015 that it's targeting zero growth in the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers by 2020.
Biopesticides and biostimulants are growing in demand around the world. With China being a world hub for agriculture it is no surprise that these products are seeing rapid growth and great development potential.
The 2018 China-Overseas Biopesticide & Biostimulant Business Exchange Congress(August 11 - 13, Shanghai) will be an international scientific and commercial meeting to review the latest market knowledge in China, dialogue with China’s registration authorities, distributors and large - scale growers, promote your products in the most potential market.
You also can learn the information as below:  
▶ Where are the opportunities for overseas biopesticide& biostimulant enterprises in China?

▶ How to find the appropriate distribution partners for my products in China?

▶ What should we pay attention to in the product registration procedure in China?

▶ What precautions should we take before planing to develop China’s market?

▶ Have a chance to make a presentation to introduce your company/products.
If you are a biopesticide or biostimulant manufacturer or CRO and plan to develop China’s market, now it is time for you to apply for making presentations. For application and more details, please contact Paul Zheng agropages@vip.163.com.
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