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EPA offers grant to develop aerial pesticide applicator training and outreachqrcode

May. 4, 2010

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May. 4, 2010

The Office of Pesticide Programs of the EPA is soliciting applications from eligible parties for an EPA cooperative agreement to provide financial assistance to an eligible organization for an education and training program directed towards aerial applicators of pesticides to: promote safe pesticide application: secure pesticide and aircraft storage: enhance pesticide stewardship: and reduce risk to aerial applicators, agricultural workers, the public, and the environment through adoption of safer application techniques.

The grantee will develop a minimum of three (3) educational modules for aerial pesticide applicators that provide training on the latest technology and risk mitigation measures available to aerial pesticide applicators. As part of this program the grantee will also present one or multiple educational modules at a minimum of twenty (20) events per year attended primarily by aerial pesticide applicators. The grantee may draw from existing training materials but must not duplicate materials that are currently available. The training materials must incorporate the latest information available on topics such as spray drift reduction, secure storage of aircraft and pesticides, proper application techniques, and application nozzle technology. In addition, the grantee’s materials should also address significant compliance issues to ensure that aerial pesticide applicators understand the risks associated with this particular application method and how to avoid them.

Eligible applicants include: States, U.S. territories or possession, federally recognized Indian tribal governments and Native American Organizations, public and private universities and colleges, hospitals, laboratories, other public or private nonprofit institutions, local governments, and individuals and international entities.

The estimated amount of funding for the cooperative agreement for a five-year period is $150,000. The estimated amount of funding available for award in Fiscal Year 2010 is expected to be approximately $50,000. At the conclusion of year one, incremental funding of approximately $25,000 may be made available for subsequent years depending on funding availability, satisfactory performance and other applicable considerations, allowing the project to continue for a total of five years.

Source: U.S. EPA


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