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Irish approved Dow’s Isoclast™ active insecticideqrcode

Sep. 6, 2017

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Sep. 6, 2017

Dow AgroSciences LLC
United States  United States

Dow AgroSciences announced that Irish authorities have approved the registration for Dow’s new insecticide known as Isoclast™ active (ISO common name sulfoxaflor) in Ireland.
The product, marketed under its brand names Closer™ and Transform™, has undergone many trials spanning several growing seasons and scientific studies. Isoclast™ active has been approved by the European Authorities with no concerns of harm on human or animal health and the environment when used according to the label. As a result, the Pesticide Registration and Control Division (PRCD) approved the registration of these products. 
These registrations are the first of a number of expected Member State approvals within the EU for Isoclast, covering both the brands Closer™ and Transform™. This follows the European Food Safety Authority’s positive review of Isoclast in May 2014, and the European Commission subsequent approval in August 2015. Isoclast is currently registered and used by farmers in more than 40 countries worldwide.
“The registration of Isoclast provides Irish farmers with a new product for aphid control. Pesticides with different modes of action are important for slowing resistance development in insects and achieving more comprehensive control. It is important that we use pesticides sustainably to ensure their longevity,” said Louise McNamara, research officer at the Teagasc Crops, Environment and Land Use Programme.
This is good news for several thousand Irish farmers who specialise in arable farming as demand has increased in recent years for sustainable products which can provide control on pests that have developed a high resistance to existing products on the market.
“Irish farmers are struggling to find products that can control resistant pests. Isoclast allows them to do just that providing them with a very useful and innovative tool in an ever-scarcer toolbox while at the same time supporting a sustainable and competitive sector”, said Eric Dereudre, European Commercial Leader, Dow AgroSciences.
With this breakthrough innovation, farmers can protect their crops, such as cereals or potatoes, more efficiently and effectively to remain sustainably productive and competitive on the world market. In addition, they will be better able to meet the public demand for high quality, fresh and locally-produced food, benefiting consumers too.
Isoclast is a new insecticide belonging to a new chemical class of insecticides – sulfoximines, which were invented by Dow AgroSciences and offers extremely effective control of many important sap-feeding insect pests. It can be used on a large number of major crops, including barley, wheat, oats, potatoes and brassicas. Isoclast has unique attributes compared with other sap-feeding insecticides providing a significant new tool for growers for many years to come.


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