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Aug. 10, 2017

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Aug. 10, 2017
Due to the virtues of  little side effect,safety, and good environmental compatibility, bio-pesticides have become the new trend of global pesticide industry. The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture has put forward the objective of zero growth on using pesticide and fertilizer till 2020, which providing an unprecedented opportunity for the development of bio-pesticides.

Beijing Multigrass  specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing botanical and biological insecticides, fungicides and seaweed fertilizers. The company has launched a bio-pesticide series, including plant origin  insecticides, like matrine, rotenone, fungous proteoglycan, alginic acid, and animal origin insectices, like oligosaccharins, as well as microbial origin insecticides, like spinosad, gibberellic acid. The products of the company have been registered in over 40 countries, serving organic farming all over the world. 
Matrine 0.5% is a new-generation botanical insecticide produced by the company with great concentration. Main active ingredients are extracted from the Chinese traditional herbs. Based on the coupling theory of traditional Chinese medicine, each ingredient can achieve some interaction and synergy, and enhance the effection on pests. It can work on the pest’s organism directly to destroy the pest’s  resistance system. The product had obtained China’s OFDC organic certificate in 2001, which has contributed greatly to the development of global organic farming. Right after its market launch, the product had become popular in the global organic farming industry with wide sales across Europe, America, Asia and Africa. In view of the differences of pest resistance in different regions, Beijing Multigrass optimized its product compounds from time to time to provide specific and targeted pest resistance solutions to different regions.
Oligosaccharins 3% is a new type of bio-fungicide derived from marine organisms with the virtues of highly efficient, low-toxic and residue-free, which is strongly resistant to bacterial, fungal and viral diseases. The product can induce antibody activity in plants, activate plant cells, and then promote plant growth and increase stress resistance.
In 2010, Baicao Biotech Co., Ltd in Henan province was established, which is engaged in the production of spinosad, gibberellic acid. It was not long ago that a new process for the improvement of gibberellic acid purity was developed by Baicao Biotech Co., Ltd, together with several research institutes and Beijing Multigrass. Through the process, the average purity of the gibberellic acid technical has improved from 90 percent to nearly 95 percent. 
Due to the virtues of  broad spectrum, high efficiency, being safe to human, environment and non-targeted objects, and easily degradable feature, the product is recommended to be used in organic farming by a number of organic evaluation institutions.
From strain screening, seed breeding, to the large-scale production of technical material, Beijing Multigrass has filled up the gap for the research and production of this product in China.
Since its founding, Beijing Multigrass had been committed to the research and development of products which can minimize the side effects on human beings and the natural environment, but has optimum effect on the protection of plants. Besides bio-pesticides, the company has also launched a series of new fertilizer products, including seaweed fertilizers and amino acids product, as well as comprehensive solutions to control diseases and pests in different crops. These new fertilizer products have effectively solved crop protection and crop nutrition-related problems existing in organic farming and nuisance-free agricultural production. These products and solutions have served as a complete supportive service system for organic farming.  Beijing Multigrass is expected to continue its business concept of “from natural essence ,for healthy life” and will continue to provide global growers with biological crop protection products and comprehensive solutions against plant diseases and pests to contribute to China’s zero growth on using pesticide program and safeguard the healthy life of human beings.
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