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Beijing Multigrass Officially Launching its High Purity Gibberellic Acid TC Productsqrcode

Jun. 26, 2017

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Jun. 26, 2017
Recently, Baicao Biotech Co., Ltd ( hereinafter referred to  Baicao Biotech), a subsidiary of Beijing Multigrass Formulation Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to  Beijing Multigrass), officially launched its high-purity gibberellic acid TC products.

a bird's-eye view of Baicao Biotech
Gibberellic acid is a broad-spectrum plant growth regulator with the virtues of safety, high efficacy, and quicker effect. The product is used for crop growth regulation, and is applicable to a large variety of crops.

In the international market, gibberellic acid has been widely applied to the crops such as pasture, grapes, tomatoes, mung beans, soybeans, corns, hay and ensilage. Apart from the single formulation, compound formulations of gibberellic acid and other plant growth regulators were also released recently by some foreign companies. With the continuous innovation of gibberellic acid application technology, the market demand for gibberellic acid has been growing constantly. 
The new Regulations on Pesticide Administration, formally implemented in Jun. 1st this year, also says to encourage and support developing, manfacturing and using  safe, efficient and economical pesticide, which not only provides a theoretic guidance on the development of bio-pesticides, but also a safeguard for Chinese gibberellic acid in the international market.
In the domestic market, gibberellic acid has been registered to be applied in more than 20 types of  crops, including wheat, cotton, citrus, grapes, longan and pear trees. With the application extension of gibberellic acid, the domestic demand for this product is also expected to increase.
To fulfill the increasing demand for high quality gibberellic acid at domestic and abroad, Baicao Biotech, together with many research institutes and its mother company Beijing Multigrass, developed a new manufacturing technology, which effectively increased the average purity of gibberellic acid from 90 percent up to 95 percent. Baicao Biotech’s high purity gibberellic acid TC production line has been in production, and the company has been ready to supply products to customers both at domestic and abroad.
Founded in 2010, Baicao Biotech is located in Henan Xinxiang Economic Development Zone, specializing in the developing and manufacturing of fermentation biopesticides. 
Baicao Biotech also invested a large amount of money in the development and manufacturing of its leading product -Spinosad, which fills the gap of development and manufacturing of this product in China. Adhering to its mother company’s green concept “from natural essence, for healthy life” and depending on its green manufacturing technology, Baicao Biotech  not only produce high quality gibberellic acid TC products, but has also developed many other formulations such as GR, WP, SP, Tablet, EC, and so on. Now related registration work of formulation products is under going. 
Baicao Biotech is able to produce these formulations, and is  ready to provide manufacturing services to other companies.
For any inquiries, please contact Sharron Shen at:
Tel: 0086-10-65911528
Email: info@chinabaicao.com
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