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Mar. 31, 2017

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Mar. 31, 2017
Mickey Shan

Mickey Shan

Senior Editor; China Marketing Director


Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, Stockton (STK) is a global leader in the biopesticide industry. The company focuses on plant extract-based biopesticide research, production and distribution, and is particularly reputed for its flagship fungicide Timorex Gold® (melaleuca alternifolia extracts).
From the tracking reports over the years, AgroPages noticed that since 2011, STK began its global deployment of Timorex Gold® to make it accessible in the markets across the world. Due to the environment-friendly nature of this distinctive product, STK — which also holds its patent ownership —has been highly motivated to carry out the registration process of Timorex Gold® in various countries and concentrated its resources on Timorex Gold® oriented field trial, product registration and sales authorization. So far, the product has been registered in more than 30 countries. 
In terms of the global sales strategy of Timorex Gold®, STK has preferred to sell it in cooperation with local distributors. With the cooperation of experienced local pesticide distributors, the product has been made available in over 30 countries for application to dozens of crops. 
Thanks to the worldwide satisfactory sales of the single product Timorex Gold®, STK has achieved considerable development on a long-term basis, and its experience in this business operation has been a good reference for the industry.

Patented environment-friendly fungicide 
Timorex Gold ® is STK’s first patented and commercialized biopesticide, with the active ingredients being melaleuca alternifolia, which has originated from the tea tree. Timorex Gold® has multiple functions, a broad spectrum and is compatible with a large variety of chemical substances, enabling it to become a valuable biopesticide. 
Timorex Gold® can be applied for the control of all major fungi existing on coffee, tomato, grape, banana, gourd, pepper, berry, onion, lettuce and peanut. Timorex Gold® has good against resistance and has low residue or even zero residue, which helps to reduce the load of chemical substances in the soil, allowing for quick start of late-stage spraying. 
STK data show that Timorex Gold® has become a standardized product for conventional agricultural spraying in many countries. The use of Timorex Gold® can reduce the use of pesticide by as much as 25 percent and can help procure the same yield and economic benefit. Through the mixing of Timorex Gold with generic pesticide, new patent product can be generated and serve as new solutions to crop protection.
Intensive and precise marketing network
Since Timorex Gold® came to the attention of AgroPages in 2011, it has been observed that from the very beginning and until now, STK has spared no effort to ensure registration of its product all over the world, with good progress being made in this direction.
The registration of Timorex Gold® has revealed that its market focus is on Europe and America that has developed green agriculture, as well as on Latin America and Southeast Asia, where the growth of agriculture has been fast-paced. Some of the Timorex Gold® worldwide registrations are as follows:
August 2008: Registered in Argentina 
February 2012: Registered in Chile
March 2012: Registered in Venezuela
June 2012: Registered in Serbia
October 2012: Registered in Peru 
June 2013: Registered in Canada
January 2014: Registered in the Republic of Belarus
April 2014: Registered in EU
July 2014: Extended coverage registered in Columbia
August 2014: Registered in the United States
March 2015: Registered in Korea
June 2015: Extended coverage registered in Columbia
July 2015: Extended coverage registered in Peru
August 2015: Registered in Philippines 
January 2017: Registered in China
Once the registration is obtained, besides the business operations of its branches, STK would choose multinationals who have been locally running their business for many years, so as to utilize their business expertise to help Timorex Gold® occupy the market quickly. Furthermore, STK would also select popular partners from the local market to use their resources to pave the way for its product. Here are some of the regional partners of STK:
Chile, Mexico, Argentina – Syngenta
Peru – TQC
Canada – Engage Agro
China – Chongqing Shurong Chemical 
The above companies possess business operation features which are what STK would look for in its partners: Syngenta has been operating its business in Latin America for many years, and its market position is self-explanatory; Engage Agro is headquartered in Canada, with its business territory covering North America. It is a specialist agrochemicals distributor with rich experience in comprehensive fungi control; TQC is headquartered in Peru, having established collaboration with Syngenta, Bayer, DuPont and Arysta, and its business territory includes Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Paraguay; Chongqing Shurong Chemical is China’s prime formulation sales company with independent formulation R&D capacity, ranking No. 9 among the Chinese formulation sales companies in 2016. 
Selection of specialist strategic dissemination partner 
The collaboration between STK and AgroPages began in 2011 when Timorex Gold® came to our attention as a new product, and thereafter, AgroPages has been making dynamic reports on the progress of the product. In November 2011, AgroPages conducted its first interview with STK. In 2017, AgroPages held a second interview with STK. With reports being spread over, Timorex Gold® and STK, which used to be unknown to people, have gradually become well known and popular in the industry. 
AgroPages provided a precision advertisement service in STK’s target market, such as Philippines and Latin America, where AgroPages circulated among the readers product information specific to the characteristics of local crops and pest diseases, which exercised major influence of Timorex Gold® in these regions.
In 2017, with the gradual warming up of the Chinese biopesticide market, STK eventually turned its attention to China. Under STK’s sponsored AgroPages Annual Review (China), Timorex Gold® conveyed its message to the Chinese market: “Here we come.”
Prospects of Timorex Gold® - Move to row crops
At present, after targeting certain specialty crops, STK has turned its attention to the research of row crops which account for 75 percent of the total industry. So far, the product has been tried on paddy rice with experiments showing good results, with commercialized application to paddy rice scheduled to start step by step. Furthermore, the experimental applications on wheat implemented in several locations worldwide revealed good performance by Timorex Gold®. To this end, STK is ready to apply the product to the row crop sector, which has a completely different economic value from specialty crops. STK is endeavoring to find a balance between efficacy and economic value for farmers.


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