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Leili presents Alga 600 applications at Shanghai CAC2017qrcode

Mar. 14, 2017

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Mar. 14, 2017

Leili presents Alga 600 applications at Shanghai CAC2017

Leili attended the Shanghai CAC2017 from March 1 to 3, and used the opportunity to meet with global partners.
The company reportedly held discussions with a large number of customers at home and abroad, including overseas customers from Italy, South Korea, Greece, Egypt, India, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Cambodia, Philippines, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates. The common goal was to discuss Alga 600 applications, which have been attracting customers from across the globe.
At the exhibition, Leili used high-resolution images to display successful and typical Alga 600 application cases for tomatoes, grapes, bananas, potatoes and apples.
Visitors were overwhelmed by the stimulating cases conducted by Leili’s overseas marketing team together with customers. One example was the case involving the use of Alga 600 to solve the problems of shrinking and yellowing of the apple leaf, as well as the weak and slow growth at a later stage. Another case was the use of Alga 600 in the metaphase of potato growth, which enabled an increase of 225 kilograms per Mu and a big-potato ratio of 6 percent. The use of Alga 1000 in the blooming strawberry allowed for more fruit bearing, which made strawberry to be regular, upright and bright in color.
Leili’s team and the Kampuchean customers worked closely to observe local customs and recommend applications of Leili’s Alga product, making a contribution to disaster relief work, where plant growth, lateral bud and double blossom head were promoted.
This case of application was very impressive for the visitors. The product efficacy and the on-site problem-solving capacity of Leili’s Kampuchean team was evident and attracted one of the visitors to Leili’s Booth to discuss the possibilities of cooperation in the exploration of the Southeast Asian market, where another miracle of Alga 600 might be foreseen.
Working with global partners to build Leili Balance Farm
Leili’s exhibition at this CAC was themed “Being Alga + Technology Centric, to work with global partners to build Leili Balance Farm,” based on which Leili held a small-group press conference to announce to partners that it is prepared to build its balance farm in cooperation with large planting bases and farms in 15 key countries covered by the China’s Belt and Road Program. 
Leili will provide distributors and big farms with its total solutions and on-site problem-solving measures. Leili is also committed to making available to partners the Alga product-oriented demonstration applications of one Mu of land; free training for one technical person and free recommendation for one quality farm product.
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