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Feb. 28, 2017

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Feb. 28, 2017
Shandong Binnong Technology recently launched a series of high-end and highly efficient formulation products, attributable to the joint efforts of the company's formula research, bioassay, registration and marketing teams. The launch of these products is expected to greatly contribute to the company’s “Global Binnong” strategy to meet its corporate objective of establishing a “Brand Image, Terminal Service and Formulation Product.”
1. Flucarbazone. Clodinafop-Propargyl OD 13% (6.5+6.5)
This is a foliar spray to control annual grassy weeds in wheat fields. The acting site of flucarbazone is different from Bayer’s Puma® clodinafop-propargyl. There is no cross resistance, and it has a synergistic effect if it is mixed with clodinafop-propargyl, which is also safe for wheat. The formula is of broad-spectrum herbicidal efficacy and has a good effect on the control of almost all vicious grassy weeds except Aegilops tauschii cosson. It is especially effective in controlling bromegrass and can enhance the effect against amur foxtail and Alopecurus japonicus. It can also be used to control shepherd’s purse, vetch and penny cress.
2. Flumioxazin Series 
The series includes Flumioxazin 51% WDG, Flumioxazin 50% WP, Flumioxazin 42% SC (480g/L), Flumioxazin.S-metolachlor 52% SE (2:50), and Flumioxazin.glufosinate 66% WP (6:60).
Using a major technical material such as Flumioxazin, S-metolachlor or glufosinate as a base, the company has developed the single material Flumioxazin and formulations mixed with S-metolachlor and glufosinate. The GLP report on technical materials and toxicology information is complete and available.
Flumioxazin offers high activity with low quantity of use. It is an herbicide without residue and is safe for harvested crops. It can be used on crop-rotating plantations. When it is used with glufosinate, weed growth can be prevented and controlled and the cost of repeat applications can be reduced. The same benefits apply when it is used with S-metolachlor, which has a good effect on the control of both monocot and dicot weeds. The product series is supplied in different formulations and formulas to meet the different needs of customers.
3. Mesotrione.Ametryn. Cyanazine 38% WP (4:20:14)
This third-generation sugarcane post-emergence herbicide is the sole registered product of its kind in China. The product has a fast effect and is good for controlling both grassy weeds and broad leaf weeds as well as inhibiting vicious resistant weeds. Grassy weeds it can control effectively include resistant crab grass, green bristlegrass, Eleusine indica, and barnyard grass, while broad leaf weeds it can control effectively include piemarker, Xanthium strumarium, Amaranthus retroflexus, Oxalis rubra, horseweed herb, tropic ageratum herb, and Japanese grass (bud and tender stem). The product can also inhibit the perennial vicious nut grass. Note: The product's use in chewing cane is prohibited; also many types of sugarcane are sensitive and will turn yellow when exposed to this product.
4. Metolachlor .Ethoxy. Prometryn 61% SC (51.2:2.8:7)
This is also the sole registered product of its kind in China. It has to be soil sprayed for control of annual weeds in peanut fields and is also good for the control of crab grass, dayflower, purslane, and chenopodium album. The lack of acetochlor in the product is beneficial for the export of peanuts. It does not hurt roots and seedlings and allows peanut yield to be maximized.
5. Rimsulfuron. Quizalofop 11% OD (2.5:8.5)
This is another sole registered product of its kind in China and has been applied successfully to potato fields after a few years of promotions, especially in Southeast Asian countries. It is now a star product of the company. The product has a proven formula, advanced formulation, obvious effects, and is less restrained by environmental conditions. It has a long-lasting period of effectiveness and does not allow any relapses of weed growth. 
6. Ethoxy. Metolachlor. Phendimethalin 50% EC (5:30:15)
This product is a premium herbicide for application to onion and garlic. It is known for its broad-control spectrum, stronger content, and good effect. At present, only two companies have obtained registration. After promotion efforts in Southeast Asian countries, the product captured the high-end herbicide market.

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