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Brazil’s CTNBio approves Dow, Syngenta’s GM cornsqrcode

Feb. 27, 2017

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Feb. 27, 2017
Brazil’s National Technical Commission of Biosafety (CTNBio) has approved Dow AgroSciences’ genetically-modified corn MON89034 X TC1507 X NK603 X MIR162 that express resistance to insects and tolerance to herbicides.
The decision about this commercial release was taken at the plenary meeting of the agency on February 9 in Brasilia. While the decision to cultivate this transgenic crop was deferred, now it was released for human consumption.
Three genetically-modified seeds of corn under the Syngenta Seeds branding were also approved in the same meeting. These are: Bt11xMIR162xMON 89034xGA21 (Glufosinate and glyphosate herbicide tolerance and insect resistance), Bt11xMIR162xMON 89034 (Glufosinate tolerance and insect resistance) and MIR162xMON 89034 (insect resistance). 
All these were released for planting, production, manipulation, transport, transfer, commercialization, imports, exports, storage and consumption.
Bt11xMIR162xMON 89034xGA21 has been approved in South Korea for food direct use or processing and in Argentina for food, feed and cultivation use in 2016. Before Brazil’s approval, the only authorization for Bt11xMIR162xMON 89034 and MIR162xMON 89034 is from Argentina, for food, feed and cultivation use. Both were approved last year.
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