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Post-emergence herbicide for third generation sugarcane developed in Chinaqrcode

Feb. 17, 2017

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Feb. 17, 2017
Author: Yang Liu, Shandong Zhonghe Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Sugarcane is the most widely cultivated crop in Guangxi, with annual planting area of 18 million Mu. Due to the high temperature and humid weather in Guangxi, sugarcane fields are overgrown with grass and weed, causing severe damage to the quality and yield of sugarcane. Artificial control of weed is difficult and ineffective. Currently, the market is not well regulated and what is supplied in the market is mostly chemical herbicides, which has led to weed resistance after long years of use. As a result, the effectiveness of pesticides has worsened, while their costs have shot up.
Development of three generations of sugarcane following the use of herbicides: 

First generation: 80% Ametryn WP, 48% MCPA + Ametryn WP
Second generation: 55% MCPA + Ametryn + Diuron WP, 65% MCPA + Ametryn + Diuron WP, 68% MCPA + Ametryn + Diuron WP, 73% MCPA + Ametryn + Diuron WP, 88% MCPA + Ametryn + Diuron WP. 
In the past two years, the profitability of MCPA + Ametryn + Diuron WP has dipped. With resistant weeds emerging one after another, farmers had to bear high costs for herbicide applications, and yet, they were ineffective in controlling many of the resistant weeds. 
Shandong Zhonghe Chemicals, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chinese agrochemical company  Shandong Binnong Technology Co., Ltd., has succeeded in its innovative application of mesotrione for weed control in sugarcane fields, having developed a 38% mesotrione + Ametryn + cyanazine WP product. The innovative product has obtained registration and become a post-emergence oriented herbicide for third-generation sugarcane that fills up the gap with the use of mesotrione in herbicide for sugarcane fields.
The product is applicable for post-emergence foliage treatment of sugarcane; its unique action mechanism ensures fast and broad-spectrum control of most broad leaf grass and major grassy weeds, while being very safe.
Within the test dosage applications, the products Wenjie and Jinshou of the company have proved to be effective in controlling grassy weeds such as crab grass, green bristlegrass, eleusine indica, barnyard grass, as well as broad leaf grass like piemarker, XanThium sibiricum, amaranthus retroflexus and oxalis rubra. The products can also inhibit the perennial weed cyperus rotundus. The admixture formulation product increases herbicide controlling spectrum, and one single time application can remove sugarcane weeds completely without any impact to the yield and the growth of sugarcane. The third-generation products fit very well with the requirement of weed control in sugarcane fields. The products enable full achievement of the sugarcane yield potential, ensuring higher earnings from sugarcane cultivation.

About Shandong Binnong Technology

Shandong Binnong Technology is a major manufacturer of herbicides in China, who owns more than 200 ICAMA regestration products and abundant GLP data for registration support. The company ranked No. 9 in the list of  2015 top 100 China agrochemical companies (technical manufactures), with annual sales reaching 2,372 million yuan. 

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