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Isca Technologies presents Anamed for control of fruit flyqrcode

Feb. 9, 2017

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Feb. 9, 2017

ISCA Technologies, Inc.
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In Brazil, apple and peach crops this year are suffering a severe attack of fruit fly (Anastrepha fraterculus) due to weather conditions. The problem is compounded by the lack of technologies available for use in the "pre-harvest" period, efficient mechanisms for predicting pest infestations and restrictions placed on some insecticides, such as malathion and phosmet.
Pest management and the use of insecticide should comply with the prescribed requirement for each insecticide (shelter re-entry protection after application). However, this becomes a problem when the producer needs to access the orchard during harvesting. 
Currently, few insecticides have a small lack of re-entry in the orchard, making it difficult to handle pre-harvest pests. 
In this context, Isca Technologies has come up with Anamed. When it is mixed with the insecticide, it becomes an "attract-and-kill" substance, or a "toxic bait." 
According to the manufacturer, the differential of Anamed is its efficacy in attracting the pest as it operates at long distances (thanks to the smell exuded by plant extracts) and at short distance by the smell of sugars that are phage-stimulating.
Another important factor of Anamed is its resistance to rain, since its emulsion has oils and waxes that prevent the product from being washed away in the rain. 
The product lasts in the field for 21 days (while normal toxic baits last only a few days) and also has selectivity to natural enemies.
Anamed is applied on the edges of the orchard and along the first three rows, which provides an alternative to growers who need to harvest and control the fly. The product can be applied with any type of coastal or tractor sprayer.
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