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Simbiose launches StimuControl to control soil borne diseasesqrcode

Feb. 9, 2017

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Feb. 9, 2017
The result of 6 years of research developed by the company,StimuControl is a technology that seeks to supply the rural producer's need to combat different phytopathogenic fungi present in the soil. Biological also aids in growth and development due to some hormonal stimuli originating from its active principle.
The product is formulated from the fungus Trichoderma harzianum Cepa Simb-T5, which was isolated by the research team of Simbiose in the Cerrado of Bahia in mid-2010. This gives technology exclusivity to the company.
The Simb-T5 strain of the beneficial fungus present in the biofungicide acts in different ways in the fight against plant diseases, giving the product a high efficiency in the control of different phytopathogens that attack the most varied species of plants grown in the national territory. Because it is a microbiological technology that is not aggressive to the environment,StimuControl gives tranquility to the producer during its handling, since it was considered by Ibama and Anvisa as a low toxicological product.
"Because it has a liquid formulation, StimuControl is an easy-to-use technology: it can be done via seed treatment, directed spray in the sowing groove, spraying or applied to the water sheet via pivot," explains the research manager And development of Simbiose Artur Soares.
For the director of the company Marcelo de Godoy, StimuControl is an innovative technology and of fundamental importance in the integrated management of plant diseases. "Came to add in the day to day of the farmer,"he adds. The product is now available for sale nationwide. 
Based in Cruz Alta, in the Northwest of Rio Grande do Sul, Simbiose completes a decade of operations in Brazil in 2017. The company has the largest structure for the production of microbiological inputs in the country.Currently, more than 6 million hectares throughout the national territory are treated with Simbiose technology. The company also has distribution centers in different states, which facilitates the logistics and distribution of products. Through partnerships with universities and internationally recognized research institutions, the company develops effective technologies focused on sustainability and productive gains of crops. 


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