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West Central Distribution introduces new SoyShot starter fertilizerqrcode

Dec. 15, 2016

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Dec. 15, 2016
For growers the key to better profitability and long-term success is by continuing to improve the factors within their control, including crop health and nutrient efficiency. To help growers achieve this goal, West Central Distribution recently launched its new starter fertilizer SoyShot™ as an addition to the Levesol™ family. West Central originally developed Levesol, the purest ortho ortho EDDHA chelating agent, to help growers maximize the genetic potential of their seed by effectively helping their crops better use the nutrients available in the soil and in the fertilizer. With SoyShot, growers are now able give their crop the same positive benefits of the original Levesol, but with the increased benefits of a nutrient package for more effective crop fertility. 
SoyShot helps growers provide their crop with enhanced nutrient availability to improve seed emergence and overall plant health to increase their crop yield and total profitability. 
Maximum Crop Safety 
SoyShot was developed with an extremely low salt index to provide maximum crop safety for soybeans. Growers are able to confidently place SoyShot directly in the furrow during planting without harming their seed. 
Increased Efficiency and Profitability 
As a starter fertilizer, SoyShot has an extremely low use rate of one to two gallons per acre, making it an economical choice for growers to maximize nutrient efficiency and protect their profitability. 
Superior Nutrient Management
SoyShot contains the purest ortho ortho EDDHA chelating agent Levesol, which has been proven to increase the availability of phosphorus and micronutrients in the fertilizer, as well as the nutrients already present in the soil. In a recent study, soybean yields increased by an average of 4.5 bushels per acre when SoyShot was applied in-furrow versus the untreated acres. 
“As growers look to increase their profitability by attaining higher yields, it’s important to look for ways to help their plants emerge quicker and stronger under a variety of growing conditions,” said Brian Kuehl, director of product development, West Central Distribution. “We are excited to provide growers with SoyShot to help ensure their crops safely receive the appropriate amount of nutrients at the most ideal time to maximize their overall plant health and increase crop yields.”


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