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Dupont Pioneer releases 57 new corn hybrids for 2017 plantingqrcode

Dec. 15, 2016

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Dec. 15, 2016

United States  United States

DuPont Pioneer announced today that it will offer North American growers 53 new top-yielding corn products as part of its expanded lineup for 2017 spring planting. The products range from 72 to 118 comparative relative maturity (CRM) and feature 29 new genetic platforms, all cultivated from the DuPont Pioneer global germplasm collection.

"Investments in advanced breeding and research technologies, combined with multiple years of rigorous local testing, have enabled this exciting new class of Pioneer® brand corn products," said Steve Reno, DuPont Pioneer vice president, business director - U.S. and Canada. "This class is unrivaled in the number of new products, yield potential, and overall agronomic performance. It's elevating our already strong corn portfolio and expanding options for growers."

New product highlights include:
  • A robust set of new Pioneer® brand Optimum® AQUAmax® products, thoroughly tested in targeted environments to perform rain or shine
  • Expanded end-use options for yellow food corn, white corn, and conventional (non-GMO) markets
  • High-performance brown midrib (BMR) and silage corn products that deliver tonnage, starch, and high digestibility, along with strong agronomics

"Adding these new advancements to the existing commercial lineup of Pioneer brand products means we now offer one of the broadest, most genetically diverse, and high-yielding corn lineups in our history," said Matt Smalley, DuPont Pioneer research director, North America Maize Product Development.

As part of the research and development process, Pioneer conducted nearly 1,100 corn IMPACT™ (Intensively Managed Product Advancement, Characterization and Testing) plot trials during the 2016 growing season to understand the right fit for new products across a wide range of geographies and growing conditions.

"I'm proud that we develop our own inbreds and hybrids from elite Pioneer germplasm," said Smalley. "Our research and agronomy teams know our products from the start of research and development through commercialization, and they ensure the products are fully tested to perform in variable local environments."

Maximizing Productivity

"We don't just invest in research to develop new products," said Reno. "Our Pioneer GrowingPoint® agronomy teams help growers maximize the productivity of their seed investment, while our Encirca℠ services group uses the latest data and technology to holistically manage a variety of crop inputs, including variable rate seeding, nitrogen and fertility.

DuPont Pioneer agronomists conducted more than 10,000 Pioneer GrowingPoint agronomy trials in 2016 on DuPont Pioneer customer farms to generate insights on how the genetics of our seed products interact under specific environmental conditions and management techniques.

"Pioneer leads the industry in testing our products and understanding how they perform locally on grower's farms," said Reno. "It's the bedrock of our customer-focused approach and builds confidence in product performance."


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