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Aug. 19, 2016

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Aug. 19, 2016

Jadesheen: Always Be Together With Partners

Among the active agrochemical market players seen in recent years, people mostly hear of the top six and leading generic pesticide companies. However, we can also see smaller, but stronger players, who are active in the market and have great potential, and are supported by their precise market positioning and unique global operation mode. These companies include Rotam CropSciences, Willowood Chemicals and, particularly, Jadesheen AgriScience.
Jadesheen: An Agrochemical Company with Internationalized Operation
“Jadesheen is an internationalized agrochemical practitioner, always be together with our partners around the world, committed to stably providing with high quality agrochemical products and dedicated localized technical services”, said Jason Wang, the board chairman, and Linda Zou, the general manager of Jadesheen during a recent interview with AgroPages. 
Jadesheen was founded in Hong Kong in 2005, and is engaged in research, production and marketing of water-based pesticide, biopesticide and plant regulator. 
Jadesheen operates a number of agrochemical manufacturing plants & facilities in worldwide. Its advanced production facilities cover production activities, such as technical product synthesis, formulation processing and product packaging, with a capacity for 15,000-ton technical materials, 30,000-ton formulations and 40,000-ton sub-packaged product. 
Backed by its advantages of global deployment, Jadesheen has systematically consolidated its resources at all points, from product selection, research, production to application technology and marketing, which enhances its effective responsiveness to market and customer demand. Also, its brand awareness among industry has become increasingly popular. 
The Jadesheen brand has a different meaning for different region/customers. In the eyes of Eastern European customers, Jadesheen is a symbol of high-quality products; concerning African customers, Jadesheen is their loyal partner as well as a good supplier who sensitive to market demand; to growers in Asia, Jadesheen is an ‘agriculture technical expert’ and the creator of new conceptions, helping its target growers with solutions by improving formulation of products. 
Refined Management with Commitment to Quality
Agrochemicals in small packages may normally encounter problems of unstable quality, and packing and labeling that is lacking in standards. However, Jadesheen has provided customers with a stable quality product via a rigorous management process, using its 12-year supply chain management experience. 
“The same product, if brought into the market by a different company or through a different management system, will create different market and value recognition. Quality premium will be more acceptable for customers if the product marked with famous brand or made under strict control system”, said Mr. Wang.
Starting from the first order processing, Jadesheen has set up a standard for order execution process. Initially, an order would undergo around 40 steps of control, but with more orders having been executed and experiences being accumulated, the company has continued to optimize its order processing mechanism and has gradually built up a more perfect Jadesheen ERP system. At present, steps of control of each order have expanded to 132 steps. “These rigorous management mechanisms are targeting just one objective – ensuring the order must be in right way”, added Wang. 
Apart from the objective of correct executing a purchase order, the supply chain system of Jadesheen effectively supports the uniformity of quality for repeat orders, which ensures that the quality of each delivery is consistent and uniform. In the management system of Jadesheen, each customer has a unique tracking code of each order. Before the processing of each order, Jadesheen is going to send customers the specifications and photos of product, including packing appearance for the confirmation of customers, according to their unique tracking code. Therefore, most customers feel unconcerned when placing repeat orders for the previous year, without worrying about discrepancies in quality.
“Price of a product is not the only factor in winning over the competition. In future, quality will become a treasure. More and more customers are accepting the product exported by Jadesheen under its refined management system, because this signifies a commitment to safety and quality”, said Wang. 
To Grow Global Market with Partners 
In the client management system use by Jadesheen, there are such customers, whom Chairman Wang term as strategic partners, who are not only buyers of Jadesheen products, but are also partners with a common interest in sharing information and benefits. “Jadesheen and our partners share the same vision and mission, which is to create value for local growers through localized service. We jointly develop a derivative product, provide localized service and solve growers’ problem right on the spot”, explained Wang. 
“Each year we export large amount of products to end market. We analyze market together with our partners, make improvement or adaptation to quality, packaging and labelling according to market needs. Moreover, based on our market experience, we take proactive action to prepare for the first order of a season in respect of product, packaging and logistics, which is a strong support for our partners to better serve local growers.” 
“To solve the rain flushing problem stemming from a product in a banana plantation, we worked with our customer. We conducted an upgrade and optimization of the formulations. For growers, the use of the improved product saves time and costs”, Wang said, citing another example.
Jadesheen understood from local partners and farmers that banana growers used to be extremely inconvenienced by the use of pesticide, ensuring that it does not rain within four to five hours after spraying it, but it used to rain at around 12 o’clock every day in the local region. Suppose a farmer has 10,000 hectares of banana garden and each spraying takes three to four hours; then the farmer has to get up at 3 o’clock in the morning, which is a big headache. Being made aware of farmers’ annoyances, Jadesheen worked to find solutions for this problem. It improved its product’s adhesive property and succeeded in enhancing the rain flushing resistance capabilities of pesticide. As a result, farmers were able to spray even two to three hours before it started raining. In the eyes of others, this is an insignificant technical improvement, but is very significant for farmers. 
“In the years ahead, we hope to have more partners joining the internationalized operation system of Jadesheen, so that we can provide more localized services. Jadesheen will provide all-round support with respect to formulations development, product supply, registration assistance and application-related services.”
Globalization Driving Effective Resource Deployment 
At present, Jadesheen has developed business in several countries and regions through continuous exploring and trying, with four regional business operation centers being established respectively in East Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Western Asia since 2013, where experienced industry professionals are employed as Regional Directors to take charge of local market development, customer service and technical support.
“Jadesheen is prepared to utilize its globalization advantages to continue the optimization of research, manufacture and registration, to provide our customers with optimum product series and technical support”, said Wang. 
The company has a research and development (R&D) in Shanghai, supported by a competent research team with 2 PhDs and 12 masters and other technical staffs, as well as experienced industry consultant teams, serving as a strong backup for the development of novel formulations, particularly the development of Combination, and improvement of field application technology. The R&D center is equipped with a complete set of formulation development equipment, such as the air flow attrition system and fluidized-bed granulation model, where pilot samples weighing 100 g to 100 kg can be customized. 
With regards to production, the company’s production line covers various formulations, including EC, EW, SC, FS, SL, WP, WDG, WSG, WS and DS; meanwhile the company is in possession of advanced and mature sub-packaging system, which can provide customers with liquid or solid small packages of all sizes ranging from 2.5ml (g) up to 200ml (kg).
Jadesheen has a highly-qualified registration team, which is familiar with pesticide registration requirement in many countries, being capable of undertaking cooperative registration, along with customers, or providing a registration service on behalf of customers. The company has over 500 source certificates by the end of last year, which is a good reserve for market entry into a large number of countries. 
“We also have plans for future development. We are looking for more partners who share our views and want to join us in entering new markets together,” Wang said in message delivered through AgroPages to industry counterparts.
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