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Tianhe Agricultural Material launches proprietary fertilizer-incorporated herbicide Ruinong Daorui in Chinaqrcode

Jul. 27, 2016

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Jul. 27, 2016
On July 17, Tianhe Agricultural Material Ltd (TAM), Guangdong’s industry leader, launched its first proprietary fertilizer-incorporated herbicide, Ruinong Daorui (Penoxsulam GR 0.025%), in Taishan City of Guangdong Province.
Ruinong Daorui is the result of the extensive cooperation between the company and Dow AgroSciences (DA). Penoxsulam, the active ingredient of the product, is a patented product of DA. Ruinong Daorui integrates the technical superiority of this herbicide with the application experience of TAM in producing premium compound fertilizer. 
Ruinong Daorui is a fertilizer-incorporated pesticide. Compared with other fertilizer-incorporated pesticides, it has four distinctive advantages: 1) the brand new active ingredient is patented by DA; 2) the product is a post-emergence weed control fertilizer-incorporated pesticide approved for application to paddy rice; 3) the time of pesticide application is relaxed, permitting ease of use; and 4) its specialized rice regeneration formula promotes rice tillering to produce a higher yield. Further, Ruinong Daorui is applied by direct spraying, which reduces labor costs  comparing to the traditional method. 
Inspired by the feature of rice absorbing 50% of the total NPK  between transplantation and tillering, TAM has formulated a specialized rice nutrition formula, with added microelements, to fulfill rice regeneration or repeat seeding requirements.
TAM achieved sales of 6.5 billion yuan in 2015, pushing it to the top of pesticide sales in China. In 2015, the company adopted a “farmer-centric and crop-driven” approach to provide farmers all over China a large variety of crops, backed up by its most specialized agro-technical service team and its most complete product range. 
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