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Verde Agricola S.L. named best partner 2015 by Valagroqrcode

Jun. 9, 2016

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Jun. 9, 2016


The Almería-based Spanish distributor received the recognition  at Valagro headquarters.

Valagro, a leader in the production and marketing of biostimulants and specialty nutrients, recently awarded the "Best Partner of the Year" prize to Spanish distributor Verde Agricola S.L.
During the event, hosted at Valagro headquarters, Chairman Ottorino La Rocca presented the award to Carmen Vargas, General Manager of Verde Agrícola, in the presence of 2 technicians and a number of representatives of large farms identified as some of Verde Agricola's best customers.
This is a concrete and shared recognition of the extraordinary results achieved by Verde Agricola. With the Best Partner of the Year award, Valagro wishes to reward customers which, with respect to the previous, have achieved the greatest percentage increase in sales with particular reference to innovative products most recently introduced on the market. From this point of view, Verde Agricola recorded a 118% increase in turnover in 2015, related in particular to Valagro biostimulants such as VIVA® and BENEFIT® PZ and the sale of nutritional specialities such as MASTER® and LIOKIL.
Carmen Vargas, General Manager of Verde Agrícola S.L.: "Since 1994, when we began working with Valagro, Valagro biostimulants have been representing innovative and effective solutions that allow cutting-edge agriculture to be carried out particularly in the greenhouse-grown vegetable sector. In particular, Valagro solutions help us meet the needs of the market in Almería: right now the maximum production required by our market, especially in autumn and winter, is not enough for our customers. Consumers’ needs have changed; the new demands are directed towards non-seasonal production, traceability, zero waste, greater homogeneity and organoleptic quality in all crops in our area. Thanks to Valagro biostimulants such as VIVA® and BENEFIT® PZ, we have been able to give our customers the possibility to minimise waste in production and to obtain very high quality tomatoes and other vegetables. This translates into the possibility of offering the best and healthiest products on the market, and thus those most selected by the end consumer."
Mariano Martín, Head of Farm Business Unit Europe, Valagro: "The excellent result achieved by Verde Agricola S.L. gives us great satisfaction because this helps us to make our brand increasingly stronger and recognisable on the market. Furthermore, this result is a sign of the growth and sharing of objectives that Valagro intends to strengthen through the Best Partner of the Year award, as well as through the wide range of services provided by our business service model Valagro@yourservice which aim to provide valid and real support for growing and improving together with our customers, which are always at the centre of our activities."


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