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Leili’s Alga 600 Farmer Premium Packet to be launched globally in 2016qrcode

May. 16, 2016

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May. 16, 2016

Leili’s Alga 600 Farmer Premium Packet to be launched globally in 2016

Leili’s biostimulant Alga 600 Farmer Premium Packet will be released globally in 2016, Leili Marine Bioindustry Inc. announced at the 10th Balanced Farming Forum & 17th Leili Global Partner Conference, held in Beijing on April 8-11. At the conference, attended by 120 representatives of distributors from more than 30 countries across the world, Leili explained its global brand promotion plan for the launch of Alga 600.
The Alga 600 is an alga stimulant developed by Leili using select wild gulfweed and an advanced biological enzyme extraction process. The product has received a warm welcome and is highly regarded by customers around the world due to its four combined functions: immunity regulation, stress resistance in favor of yield increase, quality enhancement, and soil conditioning. The Alga 600 Farmer Premium Packet inherits the advantages of the series product, having been produced via a full enzymatic hydrolysis technology and containing higher levels of the natural active ingredient. It has been designed for use on high-value crops by large farms.
According to Tang Jie, the general manager of Beijing Leili Group, the farmer premium packet was launched for two reasons. During the 12 years since the launch of the Alga brand of biostimulants, Leili has provided farmers in over 40 countries with solutions to the problems of declining crop quality and poor stress resistance. The product has obtained the highest level of accreditations among brown seaweed-sourced agrochemicals. The other reason behind the launch is after Leili’s three-year pioneering practice and promotions, its “partnership service model” became well-known among its partners. The company has established a specialized service model for prime farmers, providing a special alga product that is required by a specific market segment, fulfilling the demand among this group of farmers for a well-known brand.
As China’s seaweed-sourced biostimulant industry leader, Leili has been very active in developing technologies for application in precision crop protection and modern agriculture systems. Its NPK fertilizer and biostimulant-combined applications have been promoted and implemented in China, Australia, Canada, Korea, Egypt, Peru, Sri Lanka, and India. Based on these practices and the European 2B concept (biostimulant and biopesticide), Jie presented a 3B theory (biofertilizer, biostimulant, and biopesticide), hoping to extend the scope of the biostimulant application to bring more benefits to farmers.
At the forum, Leili disclosed its discovery of 20 kinds of seaweed functional factors, based on years of research on ways to apply seaweed-based agrochemicals to reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizers, allowing farmers to reduce dependence on agrochemicals and increase yield. The discovery of functional factors provides a technical backup for Leili’s concept of precision crop protection. The concept targets a specific solution for each individual part of the crop at each stage of growth, using fewer resources than usual. The introduction of the concept serves as a good foundation on which Leili can work out simplified solutions. As added support, Leili’s triple-level promotion team will guide farmers on ways to apply the packaged solutions, assess the results, and achieve the best yield possible with the least input. Apart from the service in China, the promotion team will also work in other countries.
To explore more functions of the mystery seaweed, Jie announced Leili planned to invest $2 million in the next three years, isolating an oligosaccharide from the seaweed to study its function in insect-pest resistance. Further, Leili has participated in an important soil research program to examine how soil can be improved by seaweed and microorganisms.  
At the forum, the global distributors shared their experiences and the benefits of using Leili’s biostimulant product series, such as in applications for paddy rice in Sri Lanka, potatoes in Egypt, guavas in Malaysia, greenhouse vegetables in Macedonia, pasture in Costa Rica, horticulture in Chile, and blueberries in Canada. Leili also announced its Alga 600+ global partnership plan, hoping customers will experience first-hand the effect of the pioneering Alga 600, which is expected to eventually create a green fortune for all.




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