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AutoProbe Technologies expands dealer network in the USqrcode

Aug. 28, 2015

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Aug. 28, 2015

AutoProbe Technologies, LLC, Little Rock, AR, continues to grow its network of AutoProbeTM intensive sampling system providers and grower owners.

Nelson Precision Ag Consulting & Technology (NPACT, LLC), Jackson, NE, announces purchase of the AutoProbe automated soil sampler. The NPACT sales and service territory includes northeast Nebraska, western Iowa, southeastern South Dakota and the northwestern tip of Minnesota.

NPACT, LLC manager Taylor Nelson says, "We're committed to having the most accurate data to base input decisions as profitability depends on consistency and accuracy. Traditional sampling methods lack the consistency and efficiency necessary to obtain reliable information. We've explored several options and we're firmly convinced that the AutoProbe automated intensive soil sampler can do just that. Sample size is comprised of up to 40 cores; far greater than the industry standard. A larger sample size, along with the consistent angle, depth and GPS accuracy creates the most comprehensive sample currently possible.

"The AutoProbe is the most efficient soil sampling machine in the world today. It's the perfect mix of speed and accuracy," notes Nelson.

Jeff Burton, AutoProbe Technologies President, says, "Quality data input for today's emerging big data analysis systems begins with the soil. Variable rate technology recommendations for fertilizer and seed rely heavily on soil sample analysis data. Improving this process is paramount to decreasing costs and increasing yields for growers. Otherwise, it's just garbage in - garbage out. AutoProbe provides the highest quality samples while operating in adverse conditions as the operator manages the quality control process from a climate-conditioned cab."

AutoProbe Technologies was founded and it’s core principles are based on Jim Burton’s vision of providing growers with the highest quality soil data to enable growers to make the best management decisions on an acre-by-acre basis. After a decade of development AutoProbe has matured as a tool that can be deployed by any grower or consultant committed to gathering the highest quality soil information for their farm or clients.


About NPACT, LLC and Nelson Farms

Nelson Farms is a 5th generation family farming operation raising corn and soybeans. As we look forward with the farm our vision is to continue to enhance our farming practices, engage those we do business with, and to excel as a whole in all that we do. This is where the creation of NPACT, LLC came about. Taylor and his brother Jeremy wanted to create a precision ag consulting business that harbors the values held in Nelson Farms with a desire to provide next generation insight and expertise for grower customers. The AutoProbe automated soil sampler fits that agenda and NPACT, LLC is excited to offer this revolutionary automated intensive soil sampling machine.


About AutoProbe Technologies, LLC

Grower Inspired. Third generation Arkansas farmer Jim Burton pulled soil samples manually on his family's farm and never cared much for the time consuming, labor intensive work. He knew there had to be a better way to collect quality soil data. With a degree in Agricultural Engineering and 35 years of day-to-day farming experience, Burton set out to find a better way to collect high quality soil data.

Born in the Delta. His first prototype, named Opel, was completed in 2002. He spent the next six years refining and carefully adjusting the design and in 2008 the AutoProbe was given top new product honors at the World Ag Expo. The following Fall, AutoProbe was put to test in the Mississippi Delta from the boot heel of Missouri down through southern Louisiana collecting thousands of cores and impressing growers and soil labs at every stop.

Development continued in the Midwest. Soon AutoProbe had attracted industry attention from the largest of Ag Retailers, Seed Companies and Equipment Dealers with all offering AutoProbe™ soil collection as an integral component of their branded precision programs. Since 2008 nearly a million acres have been sampled for growers in 24 different states. AutoProbe continues to grow its distribution channels and in satisfied customers with the most sophisticated soil sample ever collected.

The AutoProbe™ automated soil sampler is now available for purchase for Fall delivery.

Source: AutoProbe


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