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DuPont Pioneer launches inoculant and feed technology offerings for 2016qrcode

Aug. 7, 2015

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Aug. 7, 2015

United States  United States

DuPont Pioneer today announced the launch of Pioneer brand Nutrivail feed technology and Rapid React aerobic stability* technology. These two brands represent a breakthrough in managing forages and advance Integrated Feed Solutions from Pioneer. 
"Nutrivail feed technology is a revolutionary product line that will help improve nutrient availability for cattle," said Kyle Whitaker, DuPont Pioneer senior marketing manager, forages. "And Rapid React aerobic stability technology provides stable feed in just seven days. Both will help producers maximize the value of their forages."
Improving Nutrient Availability
Pioneer brand Nutrivail feed technology helps improve fiber digestibility, reducing the need for supplemental energy sources in the ration. They are applied to corn silage, haylage or grass silage at harvest. 
"Nutrivail feed technology from DuPont Pioneer increases the availability of nutrients, giving cows more energy and value from every mouthful of feed," said Whitaker. "These products take us beyond the traditional silage management approach to truly enhance feed quality and maximize the value of homegrown feed." 
Accessing Silage Faster
Pioneer brand inoculants with Rapid React aerobic stability technology contains a next-generation L. buchneri strain that quickly goes into action, creating stable feed in just seven days and allows producers to access their most valuable feed asset just one week after harvest. Rapid React aerobic stability technology will be available in improved versions of Pioneer inoculants 11C33, 11G22 and 11B91. It boosts fermentation efficiency, minimizes dry matter losses, reduces spoilage and produces consistently palatable feed. 
"Rapid React aerobic stability technology helps producers dramatically change their feedout practices. Now, they will be able to feed new crop corn silage just seven days after harvest, instead of waiting 60 to 90 days," explained Whitaker. "This helps with potential inventory issues and may mean they can keep less silage on hand during the overlap period."
Improving Performance and Profitability
Integrated Feed Solutions from Pioneer brings elite products together with unmatched forage and agronomic expertise and management services to provide producers with tools to save time and money and improve whole-farm performance and profitability. High-yielding seed genetics are complemented by revolutionary new silage inoculant and feed technologies. Pioneer solutions come with built-in support from forage and livestock specialists, providing unique, on-farm services that bridge the gap from agronomy to nutrition. 
"At DuPont Pioneer, we are a forage solutions provider, bringing together elite products, unmatched expertise and unique management services," said Whitaker. "Nutrivail feed technology and Rapid React aerobic stability technology represent the very best of our commitment to Integrated Feed Solutions for dairy and beef producers." 
*Improved aerobic stability and reduced heating is relative to untreated silage. Actual results may vary. The effect of any silage inoculant is dependent upon management at harvest, storage and feedout. Factors such as moisture, maturity, chop length and compaction will determine inoculant efficacy.




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