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Jun. 26, 2015

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Jun. 26, 2015
Solvay Novecare Agricultural Specialties provides broad range of co-formulants, ready to use solutions and also formulation support services which may satisfy various inquires of technical properties, performance, price, safety and environmental. Solvay has a global presence in America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America with local plants and R&D center providing full range of product portfolio, such as surfactant (anionic, cationic, nonionic, amphoteric ion and etc.,), polymer, green solvent, rheology additive,tank mix adjuvant, enhanced efficiency fertilizers, biostimulants for seed treatment, soil conditioners, and water retention polymers.

Continuous development of precision agriculture and the increased protection of cultivated land form a driving force to growing agriculture. Main trends from a multiple factors: grower training, pesticide resistance, seed traits and GMO, local regulations, optimization of the spray volume, agriculture equipment have all facilitated the fast growth of adjuvant demand. On the other side, environmental problems caused by pesticide applications and pesticide residues also forms an important driving force to the continuous research and innovation of adjuvant. Solvay Novecare Agricultural Specialties strategy is based on above new trends to improve crop yields with our breakthrough innovation and sustainable solutions applied to plant protection products, fertilizer, seeds and soils. For protection application, we have developed not only unique new co-formulants (Geronol®,Geropon®,Soprophor®) and green solvents (Rhodiasolv®), which improved the overall performance and stability of the formulation, but also new tank mix anti-drift adjuvant (Agrho®) for a better targeting and coverage. Besides, we have recently launched Geronol®Odessa, a set of solutions ready to use for our customers to formulate stable Oil Dispersion.

Bio-activator - Geronol® series
Bio-activator - Geronol® series, are widely applied in water soluble non-selective herbicide, such as glyphosate, glufosinate and related combo formulation, ensuring not only storage stability but excellent field biological effectiveness. Besides Soluble Liquid (SL)up to growing market inquiry of Water Soluble Granules (WSG), we developed bio-activator - Geronol®CF 120GGeronol®CF 130G series for application.

Dispersant - Geropon® series
According to fast growing inquiry of Water Dispersible Granules (WDG)we have recently launched new generation of neutral polycarboxylate dispersant Geropon® Ultrasperse and Geropon® Blossom. New dispersant can greatly improve disintegration speed, blooming capacity and tolerance to different water quality of WDG formulation. Meanwhile, it helps to have smooth extrusion for granulation and mellow and full appearance of granules, without influence to pH range of whole formulation system

Soprophor® emulsifier and dispersant
Soprophor® series of emulsifier and dispersanthas unique big size hydrophobewhich affords a significant affinity with most active ingredients, also long polarhydrophilethus provides strong steric hindrance and electrostatic repulsion through double stabilizationmechanism. It can effectively lower formulation viscosity, increase mill efficiency, and significantly improvedispersity and storage stability of formulations.Soprophor® exhibitsmuch lesser mammalian and aquatic toxicities than alkyl phenol ethoxylates thus make it the best choice for replacement.

Rhodiasolv® eco-friendly green solvent
As a global supplier for green solvent, Solvay has more than 30 years’ research experience for solvent products and their formulations. Series of green solvent Polarclean, ADMA, IRIS, RPDE, DIB under Rhodiasolv® are developed as replacement for common toxic or harmful solvent such as toluene, xylene, methanol, cyclohexanone, isophorone, NMP, DMF etc. Meanwhile, Solvay also help customer develop tailor-made blends to achieve higher active loading or combo active formulations. Plenty of blends were commercialized under Rhodiasolv® Match and Rhodiasolv® Green.

All-in-one solution Geronol®Odessa for OD
The new all-in-one solution, which combinesemulsifier, dispersant and thickener,can be mixed and milled directly with active and solvent without additional thickening agent. It simplified the production process, and also improved the formulation stability.The new technology can be applied in both vegetable oil and methyl ester oil systems.

New tank mix adjuvant Agrho®series
We have demonstrated over the last two seasons the superiority of the multi-attribute anti-drift Agrho® series. Agrho® Starguarand Agrho® Versa Twin successfully combine of anti-drift, anti-rebound and sticker polymers with the presence of bio-activators give a unique formulation with unique properties as tank mix adjuvant for herbicides and fungicides.

Inefficient fertilizer use may contribute to environmental degradation, and our Agrho® N Protect B and Agrho®NH4 Protect can provide innovative solutions to enhance nitrogen fertilizer efficiency. Eco-friendly seed treatment products- Agrho® GSB introduced novel technology and concept to seed treatment industry. Soil additive products- Agrho® WR, based on plant extracts, enable to optimize integrated management of water and fertilizer in farmland while significantly reduce soil surface erosion.

Fertilizer synergist- Agrho® N Protect B
Agrho® N Protect B is developed for urea nitrogen fertilizer for enhanced efficiency. It can be applied by melting in or blending with urea. The active ingredient in Agrho®N Protect B inhibits hydrolytic action of urea by urease enzyme, thus results in less urea nitrogen lost by ammonia volatilization.

 Fertilizer synergist- Agrho® NH4 Protect
Agrho® NH4 Protect is developed for urea and ammonium nitrogen fertilizer for enhanced efficiency. It can be easily blended with fertilizer granules, and is also miscible with liquid fertilizer. The active ingredient in Agrho® NH4 inhibits the biological oxidations of ammonia nitrogen to nitrate nitrogen by eliminating the bacteria Nitrosomonas in the area where ammonium is to be present. In this way, nitrogen loss through denitrification and leaching can be effectively reduced.

Seed treatment additive- Agrho® GSB
Based on natural polymer and designed by our chemical expertise, the novel product Agrho® GSB is developed for seed enhancement. The innovation product can boost germination and root development, subsequently increase the resistance of crop to stress condition and achieve higher yield.

Soil additive - Agrho® WR30
The plant extracts- based product can optimize soil or substrate properties regarding to evaporation, wetting, leaching and erosion to offer a favorable environment to crop by intelligent controlling capillary transportation and micro-interface properties in soil.   

Solvay Novecare Agricultural Specialties has served Agrochem industry in a leading position for over 50 years. Agrochem companies and fertilizer manufacturers are our direct customer and partners. In order to speak the same technical language and understand local needs, Solvay Novecare Agrochemicals has a global presence with ten application laboratories able to formulate active ingredients “ai’s” (solid and liquid formulation types) directly connected to the customer formulation team. In some cases, our formulation experts work on customer ai’s and deliver unique ready-to-use solution based on loading and specifications set by our customers.

Solvay is international chemical group with over 150 years history, committed sustainable development with a clear focus on innovation and operational excellence for chemical industry; its headquarter is located in Belgium. It is realizing over 90% of its sales in markets where it is among the top 3 global leaders.

Source: Solvay

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