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Dow AgroSciences completes first sale of Enlist Duo herbicide in the U.S.qrcode

−− 2015 stewarded activities for Enlist corn and soybeans underway

May. 22, 2015

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May. 22, 2015
Dow AgroSciences has recorded the first U.S. sale of Enlist Duo™ herbicide (glyphosate + 2,4-D choline) with Colex-D™ Technology. This marks the first commercial activity for the Enlist™ Weed Control System in the United States, putting advanced herbicide and trait technology in growers’ hands.

 “We’re ready to put Enlist Duo to work on our farm,” says Adam Schwering, an Indiana soybean grower. “We’ve struggled the past couple of years to manage marestail and giant ragweed— and we’ve seen how weeds hurt our yields. With Enlist Duo, we have a new option to regain control of our fields and boost production.”

Schwering is among growers across the country who have sought new options to control glyphosate-resistant weeds. With Enlist Duo, growers get the only herbicide to combine the proven performance of glyphosate plus a new 2,4-D choline — taking weed control to a new level.

“The first sale of Enlist Duo herbicide is a game-changer for American farmers. Growers now have a solution for the tough and resistant weeds they’ve been challenged by for years,” says John Chase, portfolio marketing leader, Dow AgroSciences. “And with the significant formulation advancements, Enlist Duo provides unrivaled weed control designed to land and stay on target. This means growers can look forward to regaining confidence in their weed control program.”

To ensure a reliable supply of Enlist Duo herbicide, Dow AgroSciences has invested significantly in new production facilities in the United States. As growers use Enlist Duo™ on corn and soybean acres this year and in the future, Dow AgroSciences is ready to meet the demand, Chase says.

New formulation provides key benefits to growers
Growers who will use the technology this year have struggled with weed resistance in their fields — including marestail, giant ragweed, waterhemp and Palmer amaranth. With Enlist Duo, they will have a new mode of action to incorporate into their postemergence weed control program.

In addition to weed control, Enlist Duo with Colex-D Technology offers ultra-low volatility, minimized potential for physical drift, low odor and improved handling characteristics.
Iowa corn grower Eric Nelson says he is eager to put the new system to work, especially after seeing it in research plots last summer. “The drift reduction and low volatility demonstrations got my attention last summer. Now, I’m ready to see how Enlist Duo performs in my field.”

In key corn and soybean states, growers welcome Enlist system
Corn growers located in top corn-producing states from Ohio to Kansas now have access to hybrids with the Enlist trait. The participating growers are part of the stewarded introduction of Enlist corn. Each grower will access the benefits of the Enlist system while adhering to a thorough set of stewardship protocols and requirements. Enlist™ corn will be managed throughout the season and at harvest as import approvals continue to be obtained.
In soybeans, growers across the Midwest and South will experience the Enlist system as production growers under Dow AgroSciences’ Field Forward™ program. This program provides growers an opportunity to utilize the company’s newest technologies before they are commercially available.

Each grower is working closely with Dow AgroSciences representatives to manage all aspects of the Enlist Weed Control System. This includes Enlist traits, Enlist Duo™ herbicide with Colex-D Technology and the Enlist Ahead management resource.

“At the end of the season, I’m looking forward to seeing how Enlist has maximized yield potential on my farm,” Nelson says.

Dow AgroSciences will provide updates from the growers throughout the season. To experience Enlist™ alongside the growers and learn more, visit Enlist.com, the Enlist YouTube channel or @EnlistOnline on Twitter.


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