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Canadian re-evaluation clears glyphosateqrcode

Apr. 16, 2015

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Apr. 16, 2015
The Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has proposed the continued registration of the herbicide, glyphosate.

Glyphosate is a non-selective herbicide registered for post-emergence control of a wide spectrum of weeds including annual and perennial broadleaf and grassy weeds, weedy trees and brush. It is registered under various forms including glyphosate acid, glyphosate isopropylamine or ethanolamine salt, glyphosate mono-ammonium or diammonium salt, glyphosate potassium salt and glyphosate dimethylamine salt. Another form, glyphosate trimethylsulfonium salt, was voluntarily discontinued by the registrant and therefore is not included in the current re-evaluation.

Glyphosate is registered for use on the following Use-Site Categories (USC): Forests and Woodlots, Industrial Oil Seed Crops and Fibre Crops, Terrestrial Feed Crops, Terrestrial Food Crops, Industrial and Domestic Vegetation Control Non-food Sites, Ornamentals Outdoors and Turf.

Glyphosate products are formulated as solutions, pastes or tablets and can be applied using ground or aerial equipment. Some special application techniques are also used.

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