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Mar. 24, 2014

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Mar. 24, 2014
Vegetable growers can now get advance warning of impending key vegetable crop pest threats, with the first of this season’s Horticultural Development Company (HDC) funded Pest Bulletins available to view free online.

Pest specialist, Rosemary Collier, warned that, providing spring does not throw any wildly abnormal conditions at us, aphids will be flying considerably earlier than normal this year.

Syngenta Field Technical Manager, Pete Saunders, pointed out some insect pest populations are hitting crops over a month ahead of this time last year. “It has highlighted how we are seeing increasing variability in the timing of pest attacks, which makes the monitoring and reporting through the HDC Pest Bulletins more important than ever.”

•    Carrot Fly forecasts predict first key trigger-point between 16 and 22 April.
•    Aphid monitoring predicts the most damaging and difficult to control Myzus persicae (Peach Potato Aphid) is expected as early as the first week of April.

As the season progresses, the HDC Pest Bulletins and Rosemary Collier’s Pest Blogs will cover key threats for brassicas - including aphids, caterpillars, Root Fly and beetles; carrot and parsnips; leeks and onions, along with a Cutworm forecast.

They are available free for all growers and agronomists the HDC Pest Bulletin pages.


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