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NuTech Seed introduces YieldLeader precision placement toolqrcode

Feb. 25, 2014

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Feb. 25, 2014

NuTech Seed introduces YieldLeader precision placement tool

NuTech Seed LLC is launching YieldLeader, a web-based, precision-placement tool program powered by MyFarms, to its dealers and customers this season.

MyFarms, a leader in data-driven farming, serves growers and their suppliers by delivering security, accuracy and convenience.

With the help of their dealer, growers can review, select and place unique NuTech Seed hybrids based on soil type, management practices, diseases and pests, as well as desired agronomic characteristics.

“The YieldLeader placement tool allows our growers to better use the field data they have collected over the years, combine it with all the great genetics and choices that NuTech offers and use this information to make better decisions on their hybrid placement,” said Gene Kassmeyer, director of products for NuTech Seed.

“Growers can use this tool and technology to get suggestions on hybrids in minutes rather than hours. Time is valuable to farmers and every minute counts.”

With ever-increasing access to new technologies and devices, having a program for farmers to access anywhere will be more important down the road, said Tim Elliott, general manager for NuTech Seed.

“The YieldLeader precision placement tool allows our dealers and growers to access their farm data from just about anywhere, at any time, as well as record notes about their day-to-day operations,” he said.


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