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Lanka tops in the use of Agro Chemicalsqrcode

Jan. 10, 2014

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Jan. 10, 2014
Sri Lanka is the highest user of agro-chemicals in the world. It uses 287 units of agro-chemicals per hectare, whereas Myanmar used only 8 units and Bangladesh 144 units per hectare, World Health Organization Geneva Non-Communicable Diseases Director, Prof. Mrs. Shanthi Mendis, has declared.

Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) General Committee member Dr. Navin de Soysa said that GMOA had held a comprehensive discussion with Prof. Shanthi Mendis over the 12 proposals submitted to the Health Ministry for implementation.

He pointed out that during the discussion Prof. Mendis pointed out that Sri Lanka was the highest user of agro-chemicals in the entire world. The units of agro-chemicals used per hectare (287 units) was a potential factor for water contamination and pollution. Even in advanced countries such an amount of agro-chemicals was not used. It was the obligation of the government to promptly conduct an intensive and extensive investigation on the use of agro-chemicals in order to save the lives of farmers.
The GOMA had learnt from a reliable source that some officials employed in the Agriculture Ministry were also doing part-time jobs in agro-chemical importing companies, he said.

Agrochemical usage overall 2012/2013
1. Sri Lanka 471 U
2. Bangladesh 431 U
3. Jamaica 397 U
4. Dominican Republic 358 U
5. Costa Rica 357 U
6. El Salvador 355 U
Pesticide Usage 2012/2013
1. Sri Lanka 187 U
2. Costa Rica 170U
3. Jamaica 171 U
4. Japan 162 U
5. El Salvador 155 U
Fertilizer Usage 2012/2013

1. Singapore 302 U
2. Bahrain 294 U
3. Malaysia 287U
4. Israel 285U
5. China 285 U
6. Nicaragua 285U
7. Japan 284 U
8. Sri Lanka 284 U
9. Bangladesh 264 U


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