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BASF Canada and Monsanto Canada team up again for improved weed managementqrcode

Nov. 8, 2013

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Nov. 8, 2013
Working together with retailers across eastern Canada, BASF Canada and Monsanto Canada are once again offering growers a $1 per acre rebate when INTEGRITY ®, ERAGON ®, MARKSMAN ® and/or ARMEZON ® herbicides are purchased with matching acres of Roundup WeatherMAX ® herbicide. Together, these tank-mix partners deliver multiple modes of action for optimized activity on tough to control and potentially resistant weeds.
For growers in eastern Canada, this will be a year-end rebate that is applicable on products purchased between October 1, 2013 and July 31, 2014. Growers will receive their rebate cheque in fall of 2014.
“The potential for herbicide resistance is a concern, so it’s important for growers to use best practices, which includes using multiple modes of action when controlling weeds,” said Sean Chiki, Brand Manager for Herbicides at BASF Canada. “Rotating herbicide chemistries and using multiple modes of action are necessary strategies for sustainable weed management.”
As key tank-mix partners, INTEGRITY, ERAGON, MARKSMAN and ARMEZON complement Roundup WeatherMAX by providing additional modes of action for optimized weed control. Together, they combat glyphosate-resistant weeds such as Canada fleabane, common ragweed and giant ragweed.
“Monsanto is committed to delivering high yielding corn and soybean varieties to growers through elite germplasm and traits,” said Jenna Book, Crop Protection Marketing Manager at Monsanto Canada. “Partnering with BASF herbicides provides maximum control of glyphosate-resistant weeds with the added benefit of residual weed control. Adding a tank-mix partner offers growers optimal weed control which maximizes their crop yields.”
In addition to the $1 per acre rebate, growers are eligible for AgSolutions ® Rewards on their INTEGRITY, ERAGON, MARKSMAN and ARMEZON purchases.


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