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DuPont Pioneer advances 34 new soybean varieties for 2013 plantingqrcode

Sep. 26, 2012

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Sep. 26, 2012
New soybean varieties from DuPont Pioneer face the toughest challenge in the final year of research testing. During this research stage, soybean varieties are placed in IMPACT™ (Intensively Managed Product Advancement Characterization and Training) trials on growers’ farms to ensure product performance is up to the high standards set by Pioneer. Recently, 34 Pioneer® brand soybean varieties passed final scrutiny from the Pioneer research and development, field sales and agronomy technology service teams and will be commercially available to producers for planting in 2013.

"Our goal is to provide a full complement of soybeans that yield consistently for farmers year after year,” says Don Schafer, DuPont Pioneer senior soybean marketing manager. "The Pioneer research, sales and agronomy teams dig hard to analyze the local disease and agronomic challenges throughout soybean-growing areas and develop products and traits to address those challenges within each region.”

The final year of soybean variety testing provides one more opportunity to gather a significant amount of data from many locations before releasing products to producers.

"This final evaluation on growers’ farms helps us develop a profile of where the product fits on each acre for our customers,” Schafer says. The 2013 class of Pioneer soybean varieties is a solid group of products, he says, with performance packages of agronomic and defensive traits that provide choices to match the right product with the right acre.

Below are descriptions of notable Pioneer soybean varieties in the new 2013 lineup.

• 90Y51 (RR)

An excellent choice in mid-Group 0 for the northern U.S. and Ontario soybean markets, this variety provides Rps1K phytophthora resistance, above average iron chlorosis tolerance, competitive white mold tolerance and outstanding yield potential. This variety will likely become a leader in northern growing areas.

• 91Y01(RR)

A new early Group I leader variety for Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Ontario, this variety brings Rps1C phytophthora resistance, above average phytophthora tolerance and iron chlorosis tolerance along with top yield potential.

• 92Y22 (RR) and 92Y32 (RR)

These two new mid/early Group II varieties offer winning yield potential and a disease-tolerance package, featuring phytophthora root rot resistance and soybean cyst nematode (SCN) resistance.

• 93Y25 (RR)

This early/mid-Group III variety includes the Peking source of SCN resistance, making it a unique product for Illinois and Indiana. With the Rps1K source of phytophthora resistance, along with above average brown stem rot and SDS tolerance, 93Y25 is a welcome addition for growers with challenging cyst soils.

• 93Y84 (RR)

Rps1K phytophthora resistance, SCN resistance, above average sudden death syndrome (SDS) tolerance and outstanding yield potential will help establish 93Y84 as a new late Group III go-to variety across a broad geography.

• 94Y23 (RR)

This new early Group IV banner product, with SCN resistance and very competitive SDS tolerance, is well adapted across a wide range of soil types and is sure to become a preferred choice of many growers.

• 95Y60 (RR)

A unique mid-Group V product with the PI437654 source of SCN resistance, this variety offers very competitive phytophthora tolerance and excellent yield potential.

All of the new Pioneer soybean varieties were developed using the Accelerated Yield Technology (AYT™) system — a set of proprietary research tools that enables soybean researchers to scan and identify genes responsible for important traits and then incorporate them into additional soybean lines. Research tools like AYT have prompted Pioneer to register more than 225 soybean patents. Patent protection includes genetics (varieties), transgenic traits, native traits and breeding technologies. To continue to provide greater yields and the latest defensive traits to customers, Pioneer is both implementing a strong patent and protection program and funding research and development to create new products and technologies for greater value per acre.


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