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Exosect initiates first full scale trials of biopesticide for control grain store insectsqrcode

Apr. 25, 2012

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Apr. 25, 2012

Intelligent Pest Management Company Exosect, announced the commencement of the first full scale trials of its pioneering technology for controlling insects in grain stores. The technology has been developed as a result of a UK government funded project which commenced six years ago with the objective of developing a sustainable technology to replace pesticides and key fumigants which were being removed from the market, methyl bromide being a well-known example. As a result, insect control in this industry is hugely challenging and post-harvest grain losses caused by insect damage can be significant.

The new product comprises Exosect’s platform technology, Entostat powder, (a unique food grade wax powder which acts as a delivery mechanism for a range of active ingredients), and the entomopathogenic fungi, Beauveria bassiana. Exosect has exclusive rights to an isolate of this particular fungi which kills grain beetles, weevils and other stored grain insects.
The trials are being carried out in the UK, in full size grain stores along with three of the projects collaborators, CABI, FERA and Check Services. Realistic application tools will be used and the data obtained from the trials will be used for the first ever regulatory dossier for this type of product.

Exosect’s CEO, Martin Brown, comments, “Recent figures estimate global post-harvest grain losses due to insect pest damage to be upwards of 30%. With the importance of global food security, finding ways to reduce the amount of food wasted is as important as finding ways to grow more. These trials mark another significant step towards reducing post-harvest losses in grain storage and this product has the potential to be applied to other major stored commodities”.


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