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Albaugh gains strength in Brazilian insecticide marketqrcode

May. 14, 2024

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May. 14, 2024

Albaugh Brasil
Brazil  Brazil

The North American-based company Albaugh is making a significant foray into the Brazilian insecticide market, with a portfolio of 20 products and new products set to arrive in the coming months. 

The company claims to have recently achieved a "strategic position in the insecticide segment" with launches for key crops: soybeans, corn, cotton, sugarcane, HF, coffee, wheat, and others. Albaugh stated that the goal is to "address" the main demands of Brazilian producers with solutions "tailored to management challenges."

The company highlighted the 'duo' Afiado (Acetamiprid; Bifenthrin) and Krypto (Acetamiprid; Bifenthrin) as products that are increasingly winning over farmers. According to Albaugh, this is happening "especially by controlling highly complex pests and providing a favorable cost-benefit ratio, facing a crop marked by climatic extremes and strong pressure from various insects."

"Krypto acts quickly on a broad spectrum of pests, thanks to its shock effect. Among these, it stands out in the control of corn leafhoppers. Meanwhile, Afiado, a product that has been used on four million hectares of soybeans in less than six months, excels due to the convenience of its liquid formulation, highly effective against bugs, especially in soybeans," the company said.

According to the manufacturer, another innovation in the insecticide portfolio occurred in sugarcane cultivation following the introduction of the insecticide Porcel (pyriproxyfen). "It is a cutting-edge agrochemical, for aerial and ground application, selective and delivering significant results in the control of root leafhoppers and borers (in the final stage of registration)," Albaugh summarizes.

Porcel continues the company, is a selective, physiological insecticide that acts in the larval stage of insects, mainly eggs and nymphs. According to the company, this mode of action prevents young insects from changing "instars" and completing their cycle: "It also reduces egg laying and fertility in females." For Albaugh, Porcel fits perfectly in treating sugarcane fields by aerial application due to its more friendly composition, selection of pollinators, Cotesia flavipes, and natural enemies of sugarcane pests.

According to Albaugh, the expectation for the coming periods "is to continue expanding the portfolio" because, according to the company, the central goal of the Brazilian unit is to "be at the forefront, ahead of the market, in the position of reference in solutions for pest management."

(Editing by Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages)

Source: AgroNews


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