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Winfield United launches BioVerified designation to bring clarity to biologicalsqrcode

Feb. 9, 2024

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Feb. 9, 2024

The biological market is crowded, and it can be hard to know where to begin. WinField United agronomic experts have been closely monitoring and testing biological products to help the growers and retailers in WinField United system understand which products to trust and how to use them. Now, WinField United has consolidated that effort into an identifiable brand and systematic rating scale to make the vetting process easier for WinField United's partners.

Introducing: The WinField United BioVerified™ designation.

What Is The WinField United BioVerified Designation?

The WinField United BioVerified designation helps simplify the biological category by highlighting biological products WinField United has thoroughly vetted. This designation was created to give you a clearer reference point when selecting biologicals.

When you choose a WinField United BioVerified product, you can have confidence knowing it is vetted by the agronomic experts at WinField United.

The WinField United BioVerified designation is not limited to WinField United products. Sure, WinField United tests proprietary products and some of them, like Ascend2® plant growth regulator, make the list. But spotlighting WinField United's own products is not the focus. As a distributor, WinField United is looking across the market to be a transparent and trusted resource.

How Are WinField United BioVerified Products Chosen?

WinField United BioVerified products are determined based on four key criteria: uniqueness, agronomics, operational alignment and economics. To make it on the list, products must fill a need in the marketplace and provide a differentiated benefit.

The product must also be proven to work and deliver on its claims. WinField United evaluates this criteria several ways. One potential way is in the field throughout WinField United's Answer Plot® system. The team at the Innovation Center in River Falls, Wis., has also started using their 3D imaging equipment to help identify product impacts faster in a controlled environment. WinField United may also analyzes broad data from third-party vendors.

Just because a product works in the field doesn't mean it works within a farmer's operation - or that it makes sense for the retail channel. The operational criteria considers factors like handling, shelf life, application options, tank mixability and more.

Finally, at the end of the day, choosing any of these products has to make good business sense for the farm. This category evaluates the ROI potential of every product.

How Will The WinField United BioVerified Designation Evolve?

If there's one thing the biologicals segment has proven to be, it's ever-changing. New products are consistently popping up and external factors like consumer preferences and chemical resistance are driving more demand. The WinField United BioVerified designation will respond to the segment's evolutions and continue to evolve alongside it.

WinField United team plans to evaluate the lineup annually, adding new products that meet criteria and potentially removing products that have been outperformed by competitors.

To learn more about biologicals and which products qualify for the WinField United BioVerified designation, contact your local WinField United retailer.


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