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Huma expands turf and ornamental division by acquiring Gro-Powerqrcode

Feb. 1, 2024

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Feb. 1, 2024

Turf and ornamental leader Huma Inc. has acquired the technological assets of the global granular fertilizer company Gro-Power, Inc., Huma announced Jan. 30.

The acquisition puts Huma in the granular fertilizer market and follows a longtime partnership of Huma supplying high-quality humates — all-natural mineral solutions formed from prehistoric plant material — for Gro-Power humus-based fertilizer and soil conditioner products. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

″We greatly respect the trusted partnerships Gro-Power established since its founding in 1966, and we’re committed to upholding the company’s strong reputation of excellence,″ says Huma CEO Lyndon Smith. ″Our goal is to not only preserve the legacy of Gro-Power, but to also strategically accelerate our turf and ornamental expertise to provide an expanded, more advanced portfolio to meet customer needs.″

In addition to current Huma Plant & Soil products encompassing liquid nutrients, plant protection and growth managers, the company now has the ownership rights to a suite of granular, humic-based fertilizers and soil conditioners. Turf and ornamental conditioners increase fertility by adding premium organic matter and beneficial microorganisms to the soil for golf courses, sports stadiums, home gardening and landscaping.

The acquisition resulted in company veteran Michael Gardner being named the director of Huma Turf & Ornamental.

″Before I joined the company in 2011, I spent 25 years growing turf and agricultural crops — and as both a farmer and  Huma customer, I saw the difference our products make firsthand,″ Gardner says. ″I’ve been in the business owner’s shoes, and I’m excited to offer new and existing customers additional technology, support and resources to optimize plant health.″

Through company-owned humate mining rights, along with a proprietary extraction and development process, Huma provides liquid-based fertilizers and specialty products to cover an array of soil needs. All non-granular turf and ornamental products contain Micro Carbon Technology, the foundational building block of Huma. This technology results in improved soil and plant health by providing efficient foliar nutrition, promoting root growth and boosting beneficial microorganisms.

Huma was founded in 1973 and is a three-generation, employee-owned company headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona. The company’s extensive product line accelerates regenerative ag systems, enhances beneficial microorganism activity, improves soil and plant health, increases nutrient availability and uptake, helps crops overcome abiotic or environmental stresses and remediates or breaks down excess or toxic hydrocarbon and chemical compounds.

The former Gro-Power, Inc. started manufacturing humic-based fertilizer and soil conditioner products in 1966. The California-based company developed soil fertility solutions by using high-quality organic matter and beneficial soil microorganisms to improve soil texture, balance soil chemistry and optimize plant food.


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