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Oct. 27, 2023

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Oct. 27, 2023

Today, global agricultural production is facing escalated challenges from time to time, whilst the agrochemical formulation innovation is key to combating the challenges, which has attracted the focus of attention within the industry. Industry practitioners have realized that only by command of innovative technology and development of brand image, can  a stable and long-term growth be achieved against the adverse situation. To this end, the 4th Ag Formulation & Application Technology Congress (FAT 2023), to be held in Hangzhou on November 29-30, 2023, may be a choice and a chance of your business growth.

In previous editions, FAT attracted presence of more than 360 companies across the globe. The 2023 FAT will continue the platform exchange concept of ″global vision, localized innovation″ to gather global expert think tank to share and disseminate cutting-edge technologies and innovative ideas. This will be an active promotion to the inter-industry and in-depth exchange and cooperation, which will drive an immense value rise of the formulation industry chain.

The Conference this year is themed with Leading Technology Innovation and Creating Brand Image and will focus on discussion of dynamics within the agrochemical formulation industry chain, including more professional, forward-looking and practical innovative formulation technologies, adjuvant technology, application technology, popular and difficult formula design, scenario-based solution, microplastic-free solution and intelligent manufacturing; discussion will also cover the most promising seed treatment technology, biological formulation and nano-formulation. The exchanges and discussions will be an update of vision, enhancement of the value of the formulation industry and will serve as a joint promotion to the sustainable development of the agrochemical formulation industry.

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Conference Theme

 Industry  Dynamics & Scenario-based Solutions

Global agrochemical formulation and application technology innovation trend observation  

AgroPages    Eva Hoo   CEO  

Challenges and solutions in the development of novel,safe and efficient agrochemical formulations in China

Anhui Huaxing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.    Ju Yuhong   Director of Formulation R & D  

Scenario-driven agrochemical formulation technologyand practice sharing  

Rainbow Agro    Wang Zhidong   Formulation Expert  

Fungicide iterative upgrading ideas and innovative strategies  

BASF (China) Co.,Ltd    Lu Yuejian   R&D Director  

Establish a scientific quality evaluation system to promote the quality and efficiency improvement of agrochemicals  

JIANGYIN SULI CHEMICAL CO., LTD.    Zhang Zisheng   Vice General Manager  

JIANGYIN SULI CHEMICAL CO., LTD.    Yuan Zhihua   Technical Manager  

Development and application of Halvetic based on the patented Better Glyphosate Technology (BGT) in the European markets  

CIECH Sarzyna S.A.    Wojciech Babski   Head of the AGRO Business Unit of the CIECH Group  

Banyan  Technology – Groundbreaking Formulation Technology Enabling Liquid,  Chemically Stable, and Highly Efficacious Formulations of Sulfonylurea  (SU) Herbicides.  

Battelle    Andrew Goldsmith   Formulation Development Expert of Crop Protection Division  

Battelle    Dominik Reinhard   European Head of Commercial Sales of Crop Protection Division  

Current  regulatory policy and authority requirements relating to agrochemical  co-formulants and adjuvants in the EU and other key regions  

Eurofins Agroscience Regulatory (EAR)    Dr. Owen Hoffart   Regulatory Project Manager  

A  new idea of cross-cultural strategic cooperation— FMC's brand license  and third-party cooperation practice sharing and thinking  

FMC Corporation    Li Zhigang   Key Account Director  

 Innovation Adjuvants

Development of new dispersant system for agrochemical formulation  

Dow Chemical (China) Investment Company Limited    Chen Jitao   Technical Manager  

Oil dispersion (OD) application in crop protection and formulation development challenges&solutions   

Innospec Inc.    Yuliang Wang   Global Technical Director of Agricultural Chemicals  

Special co-dispersant for high load or inorganics SC and novel penetration enhancers  

LEVACO Chemicals GmbH    Dr. Jan H. Porada   Technical Sales Manager of Agro Solutions  

Challenges in multi-scenario formulation development and countermeasures  

JIANGSU SINVOCHEM S&T CO., LTD.    Dr. James Qin   CTO & Founder  

Integrated development and application of plant-derived synergists  

Guangzhou FTRT Chemical Co., Ltd    Zhong Li   Marketing Director  

Application of organosilicon synergists in pesticide-resistant small insects  

Zhejiang Runhe Chemical New Material Co.,Ltd    Mou Haipeng   Manager of Agrochemical business  

 Seed Treatment Technology

How formulation manufacturers construct the seed treatment technology development and application system  

Jiangsu Aijin Group    Shi Weishan   Vice President  

Challenges in rice seed treatment technology and solutions  

Noposion Agrochemicals Co., Ltd    Tang Haoping   Product Manager of Seed Coating Agent  

 Biological Solutions

Practice and exploration of  combination use of  biological & chemistry for the rhizosphere ecology and soil health problems  

Syngenta (China) Investment Co., Ltd.    Luo Sha   Product Development Manager  

Application and case sharing of Ascophyllum nodosum extract and its combination use  with fertilizers or pesticides   Acadian Plant Health    Zhang Yafeng   Technical Director in Asia Pacific  

Formulation technology for soil applied biosolutions  

Rovensa  Next    Nordely Wright   Global Technology Characterization &  Validation Manager of R&D Biocontrol & Adjuvants  

Rovensa Next    Kim Sing Teh   Asia development Manager  

Identification, mode of action and application research of new microbial compounds  

Shandong Pengbo Biotechnology Co., Ltd    Song Wenyong   Senior Agronomist & Director of Technology Extension  

 Nanotechnology Solutions

Application-oriented nanopesticide technology and practice  

Synwill Co., Ltd.(Zhejiang Hisun Chemical Co.,Ltd.)    Li Yang   Senior Engineer  

Preparation methods for nanoinsecticides and industrialization practice  

China Agricultural University    Du Fengpei   Professor  

 Efficient Development and Production

Application and case study of automation and artificial intelligence in formulation development  

iFormulate Ltd    Dr Jim Bullock   Director & CoFounder  

Dispersing technology application in suspension concentrate processing  

Netzsch (Shanghai)    Tan Haibo   Agrochemical Manager  

 Precision Application Technology

Global application situation and development trend of UAV aerial crop protection  

DJI-Innovations    Nie Hongyuan   Senior Manager at DJI Agriculture  

Spraying technologies for improved systems of pesticide application  

Maquinas Agricolas Jacto S.A.    Guilherme Sousa Alves    Pesticide Application Technology Researcher  

Maquinas Agricolas Jacto S.A.    Fabiano Griesang   Product Specialist in mounted boom sprayer  

Maquinas Agricolas Jacto S.A.    João Victor de Oliveira   Product Specialist in self-propelled sprayer

More topics are being confirmed……

Call for Papers

If you would like to be considered as a speaker over the below topics or beyond ones at this congress, please submit your abstract for a 20-30 minute presentation to Grace Yuan via grace@agropages.com; agropages@vip.163.com.

Who should attend

- Formulation|Adjuvant manufacturers and distributors
- Formulation processing equipment enterprises
- Pesticide spraying equipment suppliers, drone manufacturers and UAV plant protection service organizations, etc.

- Formulation testing/analytical instrumentation companies

- Biological manufacturers and distributors

- R&D institutions for formulation and adjuvant etc.

How to attend

- Visitors
- Showcase your solutions by delivering a speech;
- Book a booth to conduct in-depth conversations with potential partners;
- Sponsor the summit to raise your brand awareness.

The registration fee for visitors paid before 15 th Oct, 2023 is USD 398/person, afterwards, the price will be USD 450/person.
(The fee includes conference, catering, materials fees).


Grace Yuan | AGROPAGES
Email: grace@agropages.com agropages@vip.163.com;
Tel:+86 15505713266
Wechat: nanagrace2014; 86 15505713266

Reports from the previous editions: 2022FAT2020 FAT2019 FAT


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