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Janssen PMP and Eléphant Vert announce an exclusive agreement for the distribution of two biostimulantsqrcode

Sep. 26, 2023

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Sep. 26, 2023

Janssen PMP
Belgium  Belgium

Elephant Vert S.A.
Switzerland  Switzerland

Janssen PMP and Eléphant Vert announced that they have recently signed a long-term exclusive agreement for the distribution of two high-quality Eléphant Vert proprietary biostimulants in key countries on multiple continents.

图片.pngWith this new partnership, Janssen PMP extend their agricultural expertise from postharvest disease control and quality management products to preharvest applications. With the introduction of biostimulants within their extended product offerings, Janssen PMP can now have an impact on each stage of the crop’s lifecycle. For Elephant Vert, this partnership highlights their biostimulant portfolio in geographies where they are not currently present.

As the world continues to face challenges in fresh food production, we at Janssen PMP, recognize the need of shifting towards more sustainable agriculture. We have been working hard over the past decade, learning from key opinion leaders, and investing in greener technology. This partnership with Eléphant Vert brings us another step closer to a more Sustainable Tomorrow,″ says Geert De Wever, Global Business Unit Director of Janssen PMP.

Lionel Legros, International Business Director at Eléphant Vert adds: ″Our selection of Janssen PMP as an exclusive partner enhances Eléphant Vert commitment to delivering exceptional sustainable solutions. It will help our international expansion in strategic overseas areas and gives access to actors present in the entire food industry value chain. We are proud to see our biostimulant solutions helping crops grow with a stimulation program all along the production cycle.

Step into a world of agricultural innovation and transformative growth as we introduce Ovalis Rhizofertil® and Novastim®, two remarkable biostimulation solutions. These cutting-edge advancements are set to change how we help plants grow, making farming stronger and more sustainable.

图片.pngOvalis Rhizofertil®, a soil biostimulant made from a high concentration of Pseudomonas putida (strain I-4613), is an efficient tool for the farmer to increase the solubilization and optimization of nutrients and creates clay-humus complex in the rhizosphere. This micro-organism is quickly able to colonize rhizosphere thanks to its high adaptation and reproduction capacities. This allows a beneficial effect from day 1 of the application, getting a balanced nutrition and a stronger plant for a better growth right from the beginning of cycle.

Novastim® is a concentrate of secondary metabolites from a specific strain of Bacillus subtilis manufactured using an innovative, patented production process. This cocktail of purified extracts of B. subtilis triggers physiological strengthening mechanisms and increases the resistance against abiotic stresses by an elicitor effect. This innovative biostimulation approach, not only by the production process but also by its mode of action will make the crop target react faster against drought. It will enhance the circulation of nutrients within plant vessels resulting in a better quality harvest with better grading, a higher brix index, and shelf-life.

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Source: Janssen PMP


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