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Syngenta’s SDHI fungicide/nematicide cyclobutrifluram to be registered in Chinaqrcode

Sep. 20, 2023

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Sep. 20, 2023

Recently, ICAMA of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs made public 12 new pesticides filed for registration, including cyclobutrifluram filed by Syngenta Crop Protection, which could be the first in China. 

Cyclobutrifluram, in the trade name of Tymirium®, is a new SDHI inhibitor to be launched by Syngenta after more than ten years of development, which is also Syngenta’s 5th SDHI fungicide/nematicide following isopyrazam, sedaxane, benzovindiflupyr, and pydiflumetofen.

Cyclobutrifluram can be used to control various nematodes and major fungal diseases, such as root-knot nematodes on cucumber, tomato, corn, and sugar beet, as well as beet cyst nematodes and Pratylenchus zeae. Cyclobutrifluram is expected to become another Syngenta blockbuster SDHI fungicide/nematicide, with an estimated peak annual sale of US$500 million.

Cyclobutrifluram, as a novel nicotinamide fungicide developed by Syngenta, is effective in controling all kinds of nematodes and major fungal diseases, being highly effective against root-knot nematodes and beet cyst nematodes on cucumber, tomato, corn, and sugar beet as well as Pratylenchus zeae. It can be applied via soil treatment or seed treatment for long-acting control of nematodes and diseases in major crops and other circumstances of the environment.

Cyclobutrifluram’s action mechanism is that it can disturb the tricarboxylic acid cycle on the respiratory electron transport chain complex II to inhibit the functioning of mitochondria and prevent the production of energy, thus inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria, which eventually die out. It can also interfere with respiration, causing paralysis of nematode larvae and resulting in energy depletion in cells and inhibition of egg hatching.

Syngenta Crop Protection Co., Ltd has filed for registration of cyclobutrifluram technical concentrate 86% and cyclobutrifluram 450 g/L SC, both low-toxic products. Among the two products, cyclobutrifluram 450 g/L SC will be registered for tomato root-knot nematode.

Previously, Syngenta filed for cyclobutrifluram’s compound patent, having been authorized in China, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, South Korea, the United States, and Europe. The Chinese patent was filed on March 6, 2013, expiring on March 5, 2033, for the invention name of nematocidal N-cyclic amide.

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