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Chengdu Newsun debuted at agrochemical exhibition in Brazil, attracting high attention to the company's biotechnology and productsqrcode

Aug. 23, 2023

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Aug. 23, 2023

Recently, Chengdu Newsun Crop Science Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Newsun"), as an agricultural biotechnology company in China to participate in the exhibition, sent an enterprise delegation to Sao Paulo, Brazil, to participate in the event called ″The 8th Latin American International Agrochemical Products Exhibition and 2023 China-Latin American Agricultural Input Technology and Service Exchange Conference″ organized by the China Pesticide Industry Association, the China Phosphate and Compound Fertilizer Industry Association and the Brazilian Merie Nutrition Science Group.


This exhibition provides an important platform for the company to showcase the latest biotechnology research achievements and products. During the exhibition, Newsun fully introduced the company's "Healthy Crop Protection" technical service concept to local agricultural material circulation enterprises and farmers' associations, and showcased the plant regulator natural brassinosteroid series, new plant growth regulator coronatine, bio-stimulant pollen polysaccharide, and botanical pesticide series products. At present, the biotechnology and products of Newsun have attracted the enthusiastic attention of local agricultural material retailers, agricultural material circulation enterprises, and bio-pesticide enterprises. They have expressed strong interest in the company's technology and products, and have actively established close business relations with us.


It is worth mentioning that Ms. Amanda Bulgaro, Regulatory Affairs Manager of the Brazilian Non Patent Pesticide Association, gave a detailed introduction to the market overview and future development trends of bio-pesticides in Brazil during this event. Brazil has shown strong performance in this field, with a wide market for biological inputs. According to Kynetec's report, in Brazil's 2021/22 crop year, the market size of agricultural and biological inputs has reached $290 million, with a year-on-year growth rate of 67%. It is expected that in the next few years, the value growth rate of biopesticides will greatly exceed that of traditional chemical pesticides. After the meeting, Newsun was fortunate enough to successfully invite Ms. Amanda Bulgaro to conduct on-site research on the company during her visit to China in 2024. This trip will further promote the Brazilian market's deep understanding of the company's biotechnology development, innovation, and application, and help enhance the interaction and cooperation between China and Brazil in the field of agricultural technology.


Ms. Amanda Bulgaro, Regulatory Affairs Manager of the Brazilian Non Patent Pesticide Association

Closely combining the crop cultivation situation in Brazil with the demand and trends of the agricultural and biological input market, Newsun actively carries out international exchanges and cooperation. In addition to participating in exhibitions, the delegation of Newsun Enterprises actively participates in important agricultural exchange activities. At the Sino Brazilian Food and Fiber Production Exchange Conference held in the capital city of Brasilia, close communication was held with government representatives such as the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Brazil, Congressional Senators, and the Brazilian Farmers' Association, which attracted high attention from the Brazilian government and association representatives to our biopesticide technology.

Chengdu Newsun went to Brazil to participate in important agricultural exchange activities and appeared at Agrochemical Exhibition, attracting high attention to the company's biotechnology and products


Guo Wei, Deputy Secretary General of the China Pesticide Industry Association, introduces the innovative application of bio-pesticides in China


Visit SLC Agricola Farm


Discussion and exchange with the Brazilian Cotton Planting Association

The visit of the Newsun Enterprise Delegation to Brazil has greatly enhanced the brand image and influence of Newsun in the international agricultural biotechnology industry, while promoting the company's biotechnology and products, reserving customer resources, exploring strategic partners, and understanding cutting-edge information and market access information in the Brazilian industry. This has laid a solid foundation for further exploring overseas markets. In the future, facing the increasing demand for agricultural and biological inputs in Latin America, Newsun will continue to focus on the innovation and application of green agricultural biotechnology, making greater contributions to the development of China's agricultural biotechnology on the international stage.


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