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New CROPLAN hybrid traits heading to corn fields in 2023qrcode

−− WinField United introduces new CROPLAN corn hybrids to give farmers management flexibility and high-yielding crops

Jan. 13, 2023

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Jan. 13, 2023

CROPLAN® has released nine new corn hybrids, including two products with SmartStax® PRO trait technology and three products with Trecepta® trait technology available in limited quantities in 2023. The products span 97-day to 118-day relative maturities, adding diversity to the seed lineup from north to south.

″These nine new CROPLAN corn products will enable farmers to maximize their yield potential by utilizing high-end genetics and the latest trait technology on the market,″ said Jeff Hartz, CROPLAN marketing manager, WinField United. ″We believe these elite new hybrids will help growers maximize their return on every acre. Each comes to market backed with an unprecedented amount of data, so we can better understand the impact of other agronomic decisions on that hybrid, and growers can deploy the most profitable strategy on any acre.″

The vast testing network of the Answer Plot® program provides diverse conditions to test new products and understand how they’ll work in very different environmental conditions and geographies. Those performance insights, combined with access to the industry's most diverse genetics and traits, allow CROPLAN greater flexibility to bring the best seed solutions to farmers.

″The latest class of CROPLAN hybrids are consistently high yielding, but that’s not the only characteristic that sets this class apart,″ said Hartz. ″The goal is to find solutions that maximize the potential of every acre, no matter if the seed decision is part of an offensive or defensive strategy."

Trecepta Trait Technology

CP3852TRE, CP4516TRE and CPR89TRE are three new Trecepta products joining the CROPLAN hybrid portfolio. With three modes of action, the technology controls a wide range of above-ground insects, including armyworm, corn borer, cutworm and earworm.

SmartStax PRO Trait Technology

The SmartStax PRO products, CP3715SSPRO and CP4652SSPRO, are the first CROPLAN tools to exhibit state-of-the-art technology with three modes of action to suppress above-ground and below-ground pests.

A Deeper Dive Into The Top Three New Products

CROPLAN’s new offerings supplement the VT Double Pro and SmartStax hybrids and provide farmers with enhanced insect control to get their crops to the finish line. Of these new corn hybrids, three products stand out as a threat to above-ground and below-ground pests.


  • 97-day RM, SmartStax Pro

  • Controls below-ground pests with three modes of action and RNAi technology for corn rootworm control

  • Produces strong stalks, roots and semi-flex ear in a variety of planting densities

  • High-yielding product with up to 4 bushel increase over 4188 SS

  • Tolerance against Goss’s wilt


  • 98-day RM, Trecepta

  • Named #1 overall hybrid in 100-day RM testing

  • Features three modes of action to suppress above-ground insects

  • Suitable for average to above average yield potential acres

  • Late flowering and fast drying for grain and silage


  • 106-day RM, SmartStax Pro

  • Brings new germplasm technology to the CROPLAN brand

  • Utilizes three modes of action and RNAi technology to control below-ground insects

  • Versatile and stable tool with north movement

  • Good stalks and roots with favorable response to fungicide solutions

Seed is just one decision that affects profit potential. Your local CROPLAN retailer approaches the seed decision from a total acre standpoint. They bring access to data and insights to drive an entire acre management plan. This is the path to maximize the success of any seed investment.

For more information about the new CROPLAN corn hybrids, talk to your local CROPLAN affiliated retailer or visit croplan.com.


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