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Dow Agroscience’s herbicide Broadway Sunrise set to tackle blackgrassqrcode

Jul. 21, 2011

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Jul. 21, 2011

Grower feedback and independent trials evaluation have provided insight into how to get effective control of blackgrass from Dow AgroSciences pyroxsulam-based herbicide Broadway Sunrise.

Launched in 2010, Broadway Sunrise contains the unique Dow AgroSciences molecule pyroxsulam plus pendimethalin to deliver effective control of blackgrass and other grass weeds in winter wheat.

"The past year has seen extensive use by growers across the UK with great results," says Dow AgroSciences Vaughn Stansfield. "In addition, there have been trials undertaken by our distributors and others. We have gathered this experience together to refine our recommendations, particularly on blackgrass."

A programmed approach and careful timing are crucial for best effects on any of the main grass weeds – blackgrass, ryegrasses, wild oats and bromes.

"An early pre-emergence treatment is the vital first step," says Dow AgroSciences’ cereal herbicide specialist Stuart Jackson. "A flufenacet-based product applied shortly after drilling forms a solid foundation for the programme. Waiting for the so-called ’peri-emergence’ timing, when the crop is beginning to emerge is too late as by then blackgrass is also emerging and will be less effectively controlled.

"The second step is to apply Broadway Sunrise when blackgrass reaches 1 to 2 leaves and weeds are actively growing in the autumn. With both residual and contact action, this treatment will take care of the weeds that are growing away from the pre-em as well as those that are still emerging."

Overall, the trials and user feedback show that this two stage approach will provide control of the blackgrass that is every bit as good as current established programmes.

"In most circumstances, the two applications will prevent yield loss and reduce multiplication of weeds such as blackgrass and ryegrass ," says Mr Jackson. "However, neither Broadway Sunrise, nor any other product on the market will be effective against high populations of weeds where resistance has been confirmed. In such circumstances, a very different approach that relies heavily on cultural and rotational control methods will have to be implemented."

Dow AgroSciences recommend that Broadway Sunrise is applied at 3.5 l/ha using between 100-150litres/ha of water with a Fine-Medium spray quality through a conventional flat fan nozzle.

Source: Farming UK


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