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Out of the Global Top 20 Pesticides, only 2 remain Patented: Studyqrcode

Nov. 23, 2022

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Nov. 23, 2022

In a recent study conducted by Centre for Environment and Agriculture (CENTEGRO) it has been found that out of top 20 pesticides only 2 are still under patent which also will be off patent shortly.

The global crop protection chemicals are driven primarily by off patent / generic pesticides. The so called hype of new molecules is limited to few continents and niche crop segments. Generic pesticides account for 70% in terms of market share globally and this trend is in the increase as they’re application is recommended on a variety of crops.


These agrochemicals are most valuable for farmers in developing countries as they are in demand. The study further found that developing countries account for nearly 80% of the world agri production ($3720 billion in 2020).

According to Mr. Harish Mehta, Senior Advisor, Crop Care Federation of India (CCFI), an apex association of Indian agrochemical manufacturers, most of these top 20 molecules are well accepted by the farming community as they are affordable & effective. Not only do they meet the domestic requirement but also account for substantial exports.

″CCFI members are committed to promote the Government of India policy of Aatmanibhar Bharat to make India as an agrochemical manufacturing hub. Agrochemical as a champion sector is among the few industries with trade surplus, expected to reach over 25000 Cr. during 2022-23″.Mr Mehta added.
″The surge in imports by importing lobby is a big drain of the exchequer with substantial foreign exchange outgo. We expect the agrochemical imports to cross ₹15000 Cr this fiscal for molecules which can be manufactured indigenously at a cost which would be lower ranging from 30% - 70%. It must be noted that the imported molecules are monopolistic with profit margins as high as over 200%.

Mr. HarishMehta further clarified that CCFI members have the technical capability and production capacity to not only meet domestic demand but export quality products to over 130 countries matching international specifications.

CCFI is participating with a grand pavilion at AGROVISION at Nagpur during 25-28th November 2022 where besides farmers training free PPE kits would be distributed to visiting farmers & their contract labour.

Source: CCFI


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