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Bayer launches powerful rodenticideqrcode

Jun. 23, 2011

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Jun. 23, 2011

For farmers everywhere who are battling rats and mice resistant to existing rodenticides there is now a new solution. Bayer Environmental Science, a division of Bayer CropScience will be launching a Pioneering new single feed, second generation rodenticide at Cereals 2011. Rodilon® is the new revolutionary rodenticide from Bayer with four highly palatable formulations ideal for every indoor situation.

Containing the first new active ingredient to be introduced to the UK in over 20 years, Difethialone, which is exclusive to Bayer in the UK, Rodilon® will control rodents that are resistant to the active ingredients bromadiolone and difenacoum. Highly palatable, Rodilon® is effective after just one feed.

"Our focus is always on innovating and bringing new solutions to market," explained Bayer Environmental Science product manager, Claire Matthewman. "Containing a second generation Pioneering active ingredient, Rodilon® is a radical new and highly effective solution for controlling rats and mice, in particular those ones that have developed a resistance to the existing options available."

Bayer Environmental Science has created four convenient and extremely palatable baiting formulations of Rodilon®. Two of the products, Rodilon® Wheat Tech and Rodilon® Trio benefit from a unique ’Turbo Impregnation’ manufacturing process that infuses the active ingredient right to the core of the bait. Not only does this offer superior rat and mouse control but it also means the farmer is subjected to minimal risk from dust.

Developed specifically for the control of mice, Rodilon® Trio incorporates oats, sunflower seeds and maize, which are known to be particularly palatable to mice. Despite mice removing the husk of the grain before eating, the process of ’Turbo Impregnation’ ensures that the core still contains the active ingredient.

Ideal for rat control, Rodilon® Wheat Tech uses the highest quality whole wheat grain making it extremely palatable and increases consumption. It is perfect for difficult to control infestations throughout a wide range of indoor farm baiting situations.

Also particularly suited to rats, Rodilon® Blocks are moisture and mould resistant which makes them the perfect bait for hot and damp conditions. With multiple edges, the Blocks are designed specifically to encourage rodents to gnaw and feed on them. Rodilon® Blocks are an ideal choice if spillage or contamination risks are a concern.

Rodilon® Soft Blocks are suitable for mice and rats and are an excellent choice where there are other food options available. Containing high food grade ingredients in pre-measured sachets, Rodilon® Soft Blocks offers the added benefits of no direct contact to the farmer and ease of handling.

Source: Farming UK


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