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Cibus and GDM establish strategic partnership to deliver new solutions for soybean farmersqrcode

−− Complementary expertise in trait production and soybean genetics combine to create economic and sustainable solutions for soybean seed companies and farmers

Jul. 8, 2021

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Jul. 8, 2021

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On July 7, Cibus, a leader in precision gene editing in agriculture, and GDM, a leading global soybean research company, announced a strategic collaboration focused on developing and delivering new solutions for challenges faced by the soybean farmers.

By integrating GDM’s world-leading soybean genetics with Cibus’ next-generation gene editing technology, this collaboration will create trait products designed to address the challenges of soybean seed companies and farmers. Soybeans represent one of the most-produced crops across the world, as the global demand for soybean oil and protein continues to increase. Soybean farmers need novel crop protection traits that can help control weeds, diseases and pests in cost-effective ways, while also moving toward more sustainable farming practices. With a rapidly growing global population and the environmental strains on arable land posed by climate change, the need for crop protection trait products that provide farmers with improved agronomic options for soybean production has never been more pressing than it is today.

“Soybean production has continued to grow steadily for decades and now exceeds 300 million acres globally. This, coupled with the stresses of dwindling global resources and environmental factors, creates demand for crop protection trait products that can increase yield and productivity – while still offering a sustainable option that does not exacerbate these issues to an even greater extent,” said Peter Beetham, Ph.D., President of Cibus. “In collaborating with GDM – the leader in soybean genetic innovation – we strive to provide the agricultural community with soybean crops that are more viable for farmers and our world alike.”

One third of worldwide soybean production is made using GDM genetics, stemming from an innovative technology that combines data science, biotechnology and agricultural management for the continual genetic improvement of soybean crops. Cibus’ proprietary precision gene-editing technology, the Rapid Trait Development System™ (RTDS™), is a new breeding technique (NBT) that accelerates the processes underlying natural breeding for efficient and low-cost means to increase crop yields and reduce waste for the agricultural system. In leveraging and combining these complementary capabilities, Cibus and GDM will develop trait products designed to provide farmers with improved, cost-effective agronomic options to enhance soybean production.

“At GDM, our mission is focused on improving agricultural productivity worldwide – and our newly announced trait product partnership with Cibus falls perfectly in line with this vision,” said Manuel Mihura, GDM’s Strategy and New Business Director. “As the world searches for higher yields, we remain committed to providing famers and independent seed companies with the best genetics that will ensure those increased productivity goals are met without losing sight of the need for more sustainable options”.


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