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United Kingdom - Certis’ insecticide InSyst receives emergency authorisation for sugar beetqrcode

May. 12, 2021

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May. 12, 2021

United Kingdom - Certis’ insecticide InSyst receives emergency authorisation for sugar beet

Insecticide InSyst (acetamiprid) has received an emergency authorisation from the government following an application by the NFU and British Sugar.

Sugar beet growers can use one application of Certis’ insecticide InSyst to control peach–potato aphid to prevent virus yellows infection this year.

The application was made jointly by the NFU and British Sugar with technical input from the British Beet Research Organisation (BBRO).

The BBRO said the arrival of peach–potato aphids was anticipated in the third week of May.

Professor Mark Stevens, the firm's head of science, said June would be the 'crucial month' for aphids in sugar beet this year.

He added that InSyst offered additional protection alongside Teppeki if needed to keep aphids and virus yellows in check.

“There are potentially a lot of reservoirs left over from the 2020/21 campaign," Professor Stevens said.

"Groundkeepers, spoil heaps and energy beet still waiting to be moved are all sources with the potential to cause virus hot spots.”

He also reminded growers to only apply aphicides once the threshold of one green wingless aphid per four plants up to the 12 true leaf stage was met.

The InSyst emergency authorisation states that crops must only be sprayed if following an initial spray of Teppeki this threshold is still met.

The emergency authorisation expires on 31 July.

Source: Farming UK


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