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Anuvia Gears Up Production, Strikes Licensing Deal with Mosaicqrcode

Oct. 1, 2020

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Oct. 1, 2020

Anuvia Plant Nutrients
United States  United States

The Mosaic Company
United States  United States

In October, Anuvia will ramp up its production at its facility in Florida of SymTRX fertilizer products. And the company has a new commercial agreement with The Mosaic for them to exclusively license the SymTRX 10S product, which will be marketed as Susterra and available via retailers throughout the U.S.


“Anuvia’s strategic decision to license the SymTRX10S product to The Mosaic Company will greatly accelerate wide distribution of Anuvia’s technology to growers,” Amy Yoder, CEO, Anuvia Plant Nutrients said in a news release. “Integrating our products into existing solutions and working with partners that have wide distribution will help farmers profitability meet the demands for sustainable food production.” You can read more from Yoder in this Q &A interview from The Scoop.

Susterra will be Mosaic’s first bio-based phosphate fertilizer (14-24-0-10S + up to 15% organic matter). Mosaic Company did a survey showing 86% of farmers are actively looking for more practices to improve their soil health. 

“Today’s growers make fertilizer decisions to benefit the crop, but they’re also committed to the long-term health of their soil to ensure the legacy of their land for generations to come,” Tom Fry, Director of Performance Products at The Mosaic Company said in a news release. “To help growers balance these objectives, we’re working harder than ever to develop products that support yield while creating healthier soils. Susterra is indicative of that mission to help growers manage this paradox.”

The company said Susterra provides four key benefits:
•    Optimized for the nutrient efficiency. Nitrogen is immediately available as well as slow-release
•    Built with up to 15% recycled organic matter, which promotes microbial activity in the soil
•    Uses bio-based technology to deliver recycled organic matter and nutrients for more sustainable production
•    Blends easily as a high-quality, homogeneous, dry-granular product

Anuvia will continue to sell its SymTRX20S product in the USA, along with commercialization of all SymTRX products in markets outside the United States.


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