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IPROCHEM pursues differentiated business strategy, granted registration of first aminopurine PGR in Chinaqrcode

Mar. 5, 2020

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Mar. 5, 2020

IPROCHEM pursues differentiated business strategy, granted registration of first aminopurine PGR in China

Shenzhen IPROCHEM, formerly Shenzhen Xinjiangnan Pesticide Import and Export Company, began exporting pesticides from 1989. With the implementation of the differentiated business strategy promoted by the Board's Chairman, Zhu Xianding, IPROCHEM stood out among the thousands of pesticide enterprises in China. With its extensive sales network, effective and safe products and efficient service, IPROCHEM earned more and more customers and emerged as one of the top five pesticide exporters in China. At present, the company has set up branches in the United States, Germany, Ukraine, ChineseTaiwan, Malaysia and India, and has also invested in a formulation plant in Vietnam. In 2019, the annual sales of IPROCHEM exceeded Yuan900 million. 
While building a strong marketing network in China, IPROCHEM has been continuously enhancing its quality management and production capacity. In the second half of 2008, IPROCHEM began to work on the establishment of the IPROCHEM Shanghai R&D and Testing Center (Shanghai Ipro-Dva Inspection), which is accredited to ISO/17025, being qualified for testing and analyzing various formulations, covering more than 200 products, such as glyphosate, avermectin, imidacloprid and acetamiprid, thus ensuring the quality of the tested products. 
At present, IPROCHEM possesses a series of products, including technical materials, plant growth regulators, fungicides, insecticides, seed coating agents, herbicides and foliar fertilizers. The diversified product structure enables the company to give a voice in the domestic agricultural material market. Adhering to the differentiated development strategy, at the end of 2011, IPROCHEM introduced production technologies from the United States and developed its green PGR series.  
The green PGR series is produced via the gene expression-facilitated control technique, which means that during the critical period of plant growth and development, the plant growth and development gene expression is facilitated such that the plant dormancy genes are activated to better resist the changing condition of the climate, as well as the damage which may be caused as a result of the improper use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  
The leading products of the green PGR series, Feng-Lvhejin (kinetin AS 0.4%) and Gen-Lvhejin (heteroauxin AS 1.2%), after being mixed with other products from the series, can solve health issues in the plant root, stem, leaf, flower, as well as other problems existing during the fruiting period. Among the two leading products, Feng-Lvhejin is so far the only registered kinetin product in China. The registered use of these two products covers more than 20 kinds of plants, such as crop fields, fruit trees, commercial crops and traditional Chinese medicine, which basically include most of the market applications.            
From Xinjiang to Hainan, from crop fields to commercial crops, from fruit trees to traditional Chinese medicine, IPROCHEM has carried out a large number of trials on more than 30 kinds of crops nationwide, with remarkable results. The reasonable use of the products can increase production by over 15%-45%.  
At present, there is fierce competition in the agricultural material market. IPROCHEM will focus on the development of technical material and pharmaceutical intermediates in the Chinese market. As for the development of formulations, IPROCHEM is prepared to develop more PGRs based on the existing leading products, kinetin and heteroauxin. IPROCHEM is currently building an annual 25,000-ton chemical intermediate facility and an annual 10,000-ton formulations production line. Upon completion, the new production capacity is expected to generate an annual production value of over Yuan500 million. With regard to overseas development, IPROCHEM is planning a further expansion of its international sales network with the final goal of becoming a pesticide multinational with business operations in both the Chinese domestic market and the international market.
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