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Bayer launches Sivanto Prime for control of aphids and whiteflies in vegetables in Italyqrcode

May. 22, 2019

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May. 22, 2019
Bayer Crop Science introduced in the Italian market the new systemic insecticide Sivanto Prime to control aphids and whiteflies of the major vegetable crops, representing the ideal product for horticulturalists, because it rapidly controls the development and damage caused by insects, thanks to a unique property, namely the Fast Feeding Cessation, ensuring total control of the plant and a strong reduction in the risk of viral diseases.
Sivanto prime, based on flupyradifurone, also acts against insects with obvious resistance to other agrochemicals and is also selective for pollinators and other useful insects. 
Aphids and whiteflies represent a serious problem for the main horticultural crops, as they cause both direct and indirect damage, such as in the transmission of viruses. 
The struggle against such adversities is, therefore, difficult due to various factors, such as the prolificacy of these insects and the high number of generations, which also causes their simultaneous presence in the form of different stages. Finally, the resistance they have developed towards some insecticides is an additional problem.


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